Atlas on Kidney Disease Now Available on The Internet

New York, NY (September 25, 2000) - The Schrier Atlas of Diseases of the Kidney, a five volume work of 66 chapters by well-known experts and covering all aspects of nephrology, is now available online at is a valuable tool for the nephrology community. The online version of the Schrier Atlas contains hundreds of high resolution graphic images from the book. These images are downloadable for use in education. In addition, PowerPoint files of much of the material have been assembled on a chapter by chapter basis. Physicians and teachers can download the relevant PowerPoint file of illustrations for use in presentations and lectures.

This unique site of the CyberNephrology project of the National Kidney Foundation is currently receiving 120,000 hits by over 5,500 visitors per month. Furthermore, the site has received a five-star rating from Medical Matrix, an online medical rating service.

The CyberNephrology project, launched by NKF in 1997, is a medium for renal care professionals to take advantage of the resources available on the World Wide Web and incorporate them into their research and teaching. The project, found at, provides online discussion groups, case studies and reviews, and new developments on kidney disease and treatments.

For further information on the online Atlas, contact the NKF CyberNephrology Center at 780-407-8385 or email Kim Solez, M.D. at jm5@UAlberta.CA.