Need a Tax Deduction? Donate Your Old Car to the National Kidney Foundation

New York, NY (January 1, 2000) - If you can't give up your kidneys, why not join thousands of satisfied customers and donate your car to the National Kidney Foundation's Kidney Cars Program? The Kidney Cars Program is a simple way to unload your unwanted vehicle while helping to ease your tax burden, save the environment and improve the lives of millions of Americans suffering from kidney disease. Since 1992, the program has more than quadrupled its revenue, growing from $2 million in annual income to nearly $10 million today. Here are the top ten reasons why the National Kidney Foundation is America's #1 choice for donating cars:

  1. They're not picky -- they will take any vehicle, running or not, as long as it's whole and has a clear title.
  2. Your hunk of tin can turn into a pile of cash. Lots of Kidney Car donors receive tax deductions.
  3. There's no hassle and no cost. They offer free vehicle pick-up and towing.
  4. Kidney Cars are like donated kidneys -- they're recycled to be used again.
  5. The Kidney Cars Program can put your neighborhood in the running for "America's Most Livable Communities" by getting rid of abandoned and unwanted eyesores some people still call cars.
  6. No one is geographically undesirable. They're accessible wherever you live with a nationwide toll-free hotline and nationwide pick-up service.
  7. They take no vacations or holiday breaks. Service is year round.
  8. The service centers meet all local and federal EPA requirements.
  9. The Kidney Cars Program is fully licensed and insured.
  10. The Kidney Cars Program can turn a dying car into a life-saving machine by raising funds to support research and educational programs that help more than 20 million Americans with kidney disease. For more information or to donate your car call (800)488-CARS.