National Kidney Foundation Unveils New Brochure for Families of Organ and Tissue Donors

New York, NY (March 1, 1999) - In an effort to help families survive the death of a child, the National Kidney Foundation's National Donor Family Council has created a new brochure, "Honoring Each Other's Grief: Nurturing a Relationship While Coping with the Death of a Child."

Written and reviewed by donor families and bereavement professionals, this publication speaks directly to those who have suffered the agonizing loss of a child. With first hand examples, it covers difficult issues such as understanding the differences in the way men and women grieve, mourning the loss of a couple's parenthood, handling anger, the journey of grief and maintaining open lines of communication.

Says author and donor mother Jayne M. Miller, "Our marriage vows to love and honor each other all the days of our lives took on new meaning after our 18-month-old son died. While his death has left a permanent void in our lives, once we learned to honor each other's grief, we knew we would survive. The stress of grief causes many couples to break up, yet doing so means coping with two deaths--the loss of a child and the death of a relationship."

The National Donor Family Council is The National Kidney Foundation's National Donor Family Council (NDFC) is dedicated to enhancing the sensitivity and effectiveness of the organ and tissue procurement process; providing opportunities for families to grieve and grow; and utilizing the unique perspective and experience of these families to increase organ and tissue donation.

To request a free single copy of "Honoring Each Other's Grief" or to order bulk quantities call (800) 622-9010.