National Kidney Foundation Unveils New Dialysis Outcomes Quality Initiative Materials

New York, NY (September 21, 1998) - In an effort to encourage patients to monitor their own treatment and to enable professionals to implement the National Kidney Foundation Dialysis Outcomes Quality Initiative (NKF-DOQI) guidelines, the foundation has developed a set of educational materials for both patients and health care professionals. The NKF-DOQI established clinical practice guidelines in four key areas - hemodialysis, anemia, peritoneal dialysis and vascular access, with the goal of improving patient outcomes.

"Getting the Most from Your Treatment: What You Need to Know" is a NKF-DOQI brochure series for patients, with companion pieces for professionals. The brochure titles currently available cover hemodialysis adequacy and treatment of anemia. "Getting the Most from Your Treatment: What You Need to Know about Hemodialysis" explains why it is important to get the right amount of hemodialysis, how to care for the access and how to prevent bone and heart disease. Also included with this brochure is a "dialysis report card" that helps patients track important laboratory data and visualize where they stand in relation to established goals. The report card is good for one year and is intended to facilitate discussion among patients and the renal health care team about adequacy of treatment.

"Getting the Most from Your Treatment: What You Need to Know about Anemia" explains why many kidney patients develop anemia and helps them understand the treatment for anemia and how to take care of their health. The companion pieces for professionals summarize the NKF-DOQI guidelines in these two areas in a user-friendly way and explain how to implement the practice guidelines in dialysis units.

According to Garabed Eknoyan, MD, "We are thrilled that NKF-DOQI is moving from the theoretical realm to actual practice. Our ultimate goal is to help patients get the most from their treatment, feel better and live longer."

Additional NKF-DOQI materials available for professionals include the following:

  • a pocket guide to nutritional assessment of hemodialysis patients for renal dietitians created by NKF's Council on Renal Nutrition
  • a slide presentation that highlights the role of the nephrology social worker in implementing NKF-DOQI guidelines
  • a psychosocial assessment tool to assist nephrology social workers in assessing patient barriers that have an impact on achieving treatment outcomes recommended by the NKF- DOQI guidelines
  • quick reference clinical handbooks on each of the four key areas that will enable professionals to access guideline information in a timely manner
  • laminated, 4x6, guidecards containing important information related to performing clinical procedures such as AV fistula and AV graft cannulation, designed to be used as a quick reference for all dialysis staff.

To receive free single copies of the patient brochures or to order bulk quantities of the professional materials call (800) 622-9010.