New National Kidney Foundation Brochure Highlights Home Hemodialysis

New York, NY (June 27, 2005) - As part of an ongoing effort to educate patients so they can make informed decisions about their own healthcare, the National Kidney Foundation has published a guide to Home Hemodialysis. The new brochure contains information about three methods of home hemodialysis, how they work and how patients can decide which treatment is right for them. Home Hemodialysis covers the standard hemodialysis option, nocturnal hemodialysis and daily hemodialysis.

“The brochure is a tool for kidney patients to learn all they can about home hemodialysis,” said Sheila Weiner, Patient Services Director for the National Kidney Foundation. “It presents them with treatment options so they can regain control over their lives.”

Because home hemodialysis training and back-up care aren’t offered at all dialysis centers, the brochure provides information about how to find a center where the training is offered. The pamphlet also focuses on what patients and their care partners need to learn to prepare themselves for home hemodialysis.

“Choosing between home hemodialysis and in-center hemodialysis depends on a number of factors including medical condition, availability of a care partner and personal preference,” says Weiner. “Some patients feel better on home dialysis, because they manage their own treatments on their own terms. Other patients prefer in-center hemodialysis, because they have a trained nurse or technician at hand administering the treatments. Our goal is to provide comprehensive information on all treatment options so patients can make educated choices on what’s right for them.”

The brochure also provides information about insurance coverage concerns and commonly asked questions, along with a list of publications and websites that provide information on various aspects of dialysis and kidney disease.

The brochure is sponsored by Aksys, Ltd. Aksys, Ltd. produces home dialysis product sand services for patients suffering from kidney failure. The Company's lead product, the PHD System, is a hemodialysis system designed to allow more frequent dialysis at home leading to improved clinical outcomes for patients and a reduction in mortality, morbidity and associated high cost of patient care. Further information can be found on the Aksys website:

To receive free single copies of the brochure, contact the National Kidney Foundation at (800) 622-9010 or visit our website at

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