The Unveiling of a Unified Look

New York, NY (August 16, 2005) - As part of its re-branding efforts, the National Kidney Foundation (NKF) unveiled a new logo this summer. A single, strong image, the new graphic visually reflects the interconnectedness of the different National Kidney Foundation programs. The logo is made up of a graphic of interlocking kidneys, demonstrating how each of the NKF programs and constituencies build one upon the other. The name National Kidney Foundation appears in a bold sans serif font that reflects strength through its clarity. The red and orange colors are warm, inviting colors representing the "home" the NKF offers to so many different people.

The Powell Organization, a New York based marketing firm specializing in corporate identity and brand image, conducted extensive one-on-one interviews with National Kidney Foundation volunteers and staff (both national and affiliate), in late 2004, to gain a broad internal perspective of the current state of NKF. They also interviewed many unaffiliated consumers to understand their general feelings about non-profits and giving, as well as their perception of the NKF brand. The ultimate objective was to develop a simple, clear, compelling brand identity for the National Kidney Foundation, as well as usage guidelines to extend to the organization's many sub-brands.

It became clear that while the National Kidney Foundation has many unique programs, allowing each to have its own visual identity dilutes the strength of the NKF identity. The conclusion was that, in order to maintain a strong visual identity, we need to focus on the whole, not the sum of the parts.

The National Kidney Foundation began in 1950 as The National Nephrosis Foundation. In 1958, it became The National Kidney Disease Foundation, and in 1964, The National Kidney Foundation. Our name may change. Our look may change. But our commitment to the mission remains unwavering.