National Kidney Foundation Unveils New Brand Identity

National Kidney FoundationNew York, NY (August 16, 2005) - The National Kidney Foundation (NKF) unveiled a new brand identity today designed to unify the organization's signature programs and communications with one single strong image. This new identity highlights the National Kidney Foundation's role as a leader in promoting kidney health while communicating the interconnectedness of our programs, our Affiliates and our volunteers and staff. The new logo creates a consistent brand family which will build greater awareness and recognition among patients, professionals and the public of the mission and vision of the NKF.

The new logo's main graphic, a series of interlocking kidneys, immediately communicates the Foundation’s dominant purpose, kidney health, as well as the interdependence of the various NKF components. The name, National Kidney Foundation, appears in a bold sans serif font in an expression of the NKF’s obvious strength. The logo’s red and orange color scheme connotes a dynamic organization filled with vitality, life and warmth.

With this new brand identity, the NKF will increase the recognition of all its sub-branded programs, such as the Kidney Walk, Kidney Early Evaluation Program (KEEP), Kidney Learning System (KLS) and Kidney Disease Outcomes Quality Initiative (KDOQI) which are instrumental in helping achieve the NKF's mission and improve outcomes for the 20 million adults in the USA with chronic kidney disease.


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