Extraordinary Gift Costs Nothing And Saves Lives

New York, NY (December 1, 2006) - A waffle iron. A bobblehead doorstop. A fruitcake.

Another fruitcake.

Another frui... aaah, you get the idea. Face it. There’s a reason Santa comes around only once a year: gift-giving is hard work.

Why not take a break from traditional gift-giving before it breaks you and consider an entirely new spirit of holiday giving? Indeed, the most unique, personalized gift you could ever offer is one that might make 50 people extraordinarily happy. And it won’t cost you a cent.

Fifty. That’s how many people the National Kidney Foundation says can be helped when just one person—you, for example—signs up to become a potential organ or tissue donor.

As part of its annual Holiday Resolution Campaign, the Foundation is reminding Americans that for Christmas, Chanukah or Kwanzaa, perhaps the greatest present one could bestow is the future promise to save or enhance the life of another person.

“Signing up to become a donor is easy,” says John Davis, CEO of the National Kidney Foundation. You can fill out the back of your driver’s license or get an organ-donor card from the National Kidney Foundation. Then, share your future donation wishes with you family. In most states, family consent is also necessary at the time of donation,” adds Davis.

Right now, more than 92,000 men, women and children are on America’s waiting list for organ or tissue transplants. And while they wait, 18 people die each day. Saving the life of just one of these hopeful life, or merely extending someone’s quality of life, is what the holiday miracle of organ donation is all about. “And if every potential organ donor in the U.S. signed up to make the commitment, the waiting list would be eliminated,” says Davis.

So join the National Kidney Foundation’s Holiday Resolution Campaign and designate yourself as an organ donor.