National Kidney Foundation and Cranberry Marketing Committee Forge New Partnership to Promote Urinary Tract Health

New York, NY (November 16, 2010) - In a partnership aimed at addressing one of the most common conditions troubling women, the National Kidney Foundation (NKF) and the Cranberry Marketing Committee (CMC) announced today an educational initiative to spread awareness about urinary tract infections (UTIs) and how to prevent them. The new “Partnership in Education” includes the launch of an informational website, ( and the development of an informational brochure. The website offers interactive features, including an online health quiz and “Ask the Doctor” blog that provides visitors an opportunity to post questions and receive an answer from a physician within 48 hours.

UTIs occur when bacteria get into the urinary tract and multiply, causing redness, swelling and pain. According to the National Kidney Foundation, although men sometimes get UTIs, the condition is much more common in women, possibly because women have a shorter urethra which makes it easier for bacteria to travel up the bladder. In fact, one in five women will have at least one UTI in her lifetime and nearly 20 percent of women who have one UTI will have another. UTIs are a leading cause of lost work time for women, second only to respiratory infections. About 80 to 90 percent of UTIs are caused by a single type of bacteria called E.coli. UTIs are often treated with antibiotics and by drinking lots of fluids.

Recent studies have shown that drinking cranberry juice or eating cranberry products, including dried cranberries and supplements, may help prevent UTIs, which account for 10 million doctor visits each year. Cranberries contain certain compounds that may stop bacteria from attaching to the urinary tract wall.

"UTIs occur in the bladder, but if not treated promptly, they can spread to the kidneys, causing a more serious infection," says John Davis, NKF CEO. "We are excited to partner with the Cranberry Marketing Committee to offer information about symptoms and treatment as well as prevention tips that will reach millions of women, causing widespread awareness of this common and painful, but preventable condition."

“Because UTIs effect so many Americans, the Cranberry Marketing Committee is pleased to partner with the NKF, an organization that has done a tremendous job educating US consumers about UTI prevention and treatment,” explains David Farrimond, Executive Director of the CMC. “We look forward to working with the NKF to provide research, information and resources to the American public to help them maintain a healthy urinary tract and to prevent UTIs.”

The National Kidney Foundation, a major voluntary nonprofit health organization, is dedicated to preventing kidney disease, improving the health and well-being of individuals and families affected by kidney disease and increasing the availability of kidneys for transplantation.

The Cranberry Marketing Committee (CMC) represents the US cranberry industry and was established as a Federal Marketing Order in 1962. The CMC promotes the use of cranberries through a generic promotions program. For more information, please visit our website:

To receive information on urinary tract health, contact the foundation at (800) 622-9010 or visit