National Kidney Foundation Establishes J. Michael Lazarus Award

Orlando, FL (April 15, 2010) - In an effort to further advance clinical practice while honoring a pioneer in the field, the National Kidney Foundation (NKF) announced today the establishment of the J. Michael Lazarus lectureship, endowed by Fresenius Medical Care. The award will be initiated at the NKF's 2011 Spring Clinical Meetings and recipients will be selected from among those who have enhanced clinical practice in dialysis or chronic kidney disease, and will be nominated by the NKF's Scientific Advisory Board.

"We are thrilled to institute this new award which will take a prime place at the Spring Clinical Meetings as a plenary guest lecture," said Dr. Bryan Becker, National Kidney Foundation President. "Dr. Lazarus's contributions to clinical science and his impact on practices to enhance care delivery have been profound. That emphasis on developing new ways to standardize delivery of higher quality care are very much in keeping with the direction of our meeting. His work that extended beyond physicians and affected an entire group of kidney healthcare professionals and patients is completely in step with the multidisciplinary nature of our Spring Clinical Meetings," continued Becker.

Dr. J. Michael Lazarus, recently retired as Chief Medical Officer at Fresenius Medical Services, is widely recognized for developing one of the strongest quality improvement programs in the dialysis industry. "Dialysis used to be a treatment you only underwent until you could get a kidney transplant," said Lazarus. "But we changed that view and have delivered life-saving treatments, and many people have benefited as a result."

"I appreciate the opportunities I've had throughout my career to train the current leaders in the profession and know that the establishment of this lectureship at NKF's meeting will enable me to continue to have an impact on educating nephrologists in quality care and practice," continued Lazarus.

According to Dr. Raymond Hakim, who succeeded Dr. Lazarus as Chief Medical Officer at Fresenius, "Dr. Lazarus's focus on constantly doing better for the patients entrusted to our care will be transmitted to a new generation of nephrologists through the establishment of this annual lectureship at the NKF Spring Clinical Meetings."

The National Kidney Foundation's annual Spring Clinical Meetings provide comprehensive, multidisciplinary educational opportunities for professionals caring for chronic kidney disease (CKD) patients across all stages including transplantation.

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