NKF Launches New Lifestyle Magazine for Those on Dialysis

NEW YORK, NY (September 20, 2012) - A new magazine from the National Kidney Foundation hopes to help people on dialysis live the fullest lives possible.

Kidney Living will feature information from national experts on coping with kidney disease and managing one's own healthcare. Healthy eating tips and kidney-friendly recipes, an "Ask the Healthcare Team" Q&A, and reader feedback through "Kidney Living Voices" will be featured regularly. The magazine, whose editorial board is comprised of both people on dialysis and healthcare professionals, is designed for the nearly 400,000 Americans on dialysis.

According to Francine Hillpot, member of the Kidney Living Editorial Board, "Kidney failure does not define me. I'm a wife and a mother. I work and I also happen to be on dialysis. Kidney Living will be a comprehensive resource for anyone navigating the maze of issues that can arise while on dialysis and highlight that living well on dialysis is not only possible, but fully attainable."

The free, 16-page, quarterly publication is supported by Affymax and Takeda. Sign up is available online at www.kidney.org/kidneyliving. The first issue will also be distributed, in November, nationally to dialysis centers, doctors' offices, and ESRD networks.

"Many people on dialysis feel a sense of uncertainty and lack of control while undergoing treatment. Kidney Living emphasizes why it's so important that people remain in the driver's seat when it comes to their own care. They should have access to the best tools possible to make informed choices and advocate on their own behalf and Kidney Living provides a vehicle for just that -- offering the latest information about dialysis-related issues with a personal spin that makes it approachable," says Maria Del Rosario, MD, Editorial Board Member and Director of Home Dialysis Therapies at University of Massachusetts.

The National Kidney Foundation (NKF) is dedicated to preventing kidney disease, improving the health and well-being of individuals and families affected by kidney disease and promoting organ donation.

To learn more about kidney failure, dialysis, risk factors and prevention contact the National Kidney Foundation at www.kidney.org or (800) 622-9010. To sign up for a free copy of Kidney Living, visit www.kidney.org/kidneyliving.