Ambit Energy and National Kidney Foundation Announce New Partnership

The National Kidney Foundation is proud to introduce its newest partner, Ambit Energy. Ambit Energy was founded in 2006 by CEO, Jere Thompson, Jr. and CMO, Chris Chambless. They formulated the idea of the company over lunch while discussing energy deregulation. During lunch, they made two important decisions:

  1. Be the finest and most respected retail energy company and
  2. NEVER sacrifice integrity for growth.

In 2009 Ambit Energy was named the fastest-growing privately held company in North Texas by SMU’s Caruth Institute for Entrepreneurship in their annual Dallas 100™ rankings, and ranked #1 in both 2009 and 2010 in the SMU/Cox Dallas 100™. Ambit was named one of the Top 100 Places to Work by the Dallas Morning News and then named “America’s Fastest-Growing Private Company” by Inc. magazine, which placed Ambit as #1 on top of the publication’s renowned “Inc. 500” list in 2010.

Ambit Energy and The National Kidney Foundation have formed this partnership to help you save money on your electricity bill, and to raise funds for NKF. Ambit Energy has a strong commitment to community service and support of non profits and schools. By switching to Ambit Energy from your current provider, NKF earns revenue each month. The amount of money that NKF earns each month depends on your kilowatt hours consumed. Each customer that switches to Ambit Energy allows NKF to receive the following compensation EVERY MONTH:

Kilowatt Hour Usage 500 - 2500 2501 - 4000 4001 - 6000 6001 - 8000 8000 +
NKF Earns (each month) $4 $6 $9 $12 $15

When you switch to Ambit Energy

  • Nothing changes except the size of your electric bill.
  • There is no cost to switch (a deposit may be required).
  • You enjoy significant savings.
  • Receive a free three-day/two-night travel certificate for switching to Ambit.
  • Ambit Energy offers residential and small commercial services.

Get started today by clicking on the following link, You will be directed to the Ambit/NKF website to see what Ambit Energy can do for you. When you switch to Ambit Energy you will financially support the National Kidney Foundation without contributing extra money out of your pocket each month! Ambit Energy makes a financial contribution to NKF every month determined by how many Kilowatts you consume. (Please see chart above)

Thank you for your support. If you have any additional questions or would like someone to help you with your enrollment please call Jill Smola at the National Kidney Foundation at (214) 351-2393, toll free at (877) 543-6397, or via e-mail.