Older Adults Resources

The Patient and Family's Council's (PFC) Executive Committee recognizes the unique challenges facing older adults living with chronic kidney disease (CKD). In recognition of those issues, they created an online listing of resources to empower and support older adults when making decisions regarding their care.

Following is a listing of online resources created by the specially convened Older Adult Sub-committee:

Administration on Aging
Administration on Aging offers elders, families, caregivers, and professionals’ information and resources on a variety of aging-related topics. The information will help you become more familiar with issues affecting older adults, and the services and opportunities available to assist them.

Aging with Dignity
Aging with Dignity helps to improve quality of care, one person at a time. Aging with Dignity provides practical information, advice and legal tools people need to ensure their wishes and those of their loved ones will be respected.

American Association of Retired Persons (AARP)
AARP is dedicated to enhancing quality of life for people age 50 and over. AARP leads positive social change and delivers value to people through current information, advocacy and service.

Kidney End-of-Life Coalition
The NKF recognizes the importance of discussions about care toward the end of life for people affected by chronic kidney disease (CKD). To help empower and educate individuals, we are providing this link to the Kidney End-Of-Life Coalition. Dedicated to End-of-Life Care for people with CKD, the Kidney End-of-Life Coalition is committed to promoting effective interchanges between patients, families, caregivers and providers in support of patient-centered end-of life care for people with CKD.

The Kidney End-Of-Life Coalition, offers patients, families, and professionals information and resources on a variety of end-of-life care topics. The information will help you become more familiar with issues affecting patients, and provide you with helpful services and resources.

National Association of Area Agencies on Aging
National Association of Area Agencies on Aging offers a wide range of home- and community-based services, including information and referral, home-delivered and congregate meals, transportation, employment services, senior centers, adult day care and a long-term care ombudsman program.

National Association of Professional Geriatric Care Managers
Committed to working towards the highest quality of care for the elderly and their families, National Association of Professional Geriatric Care Managers provides care for the elderly and their families through counseling, treatment, and the delivery of concrete services by qualified, certified geriatric care managers.

National Clearinghouse for Long-Term Care Information
With an emphasis on the importance of future planning, this Web site was designed to provide people with trusted information and resources they need to take an active role in planning for possible future health care needs. Resources on the Web site include a Long-Term Care Planning Kit and detailed information on what long term care needs are; step-by-step planning; and financial preparation.

National Council on Aging (NCOA)
Dedicated to Improving the Health and Independence of Older Adults. NCOA provides programs and services that help seniors in hundreds of communities. NCOA offers valuable information for older adults, through their Senior Corner.

Nursing Home Compare
Information about every Medicare and Medicaid Certified Nursing Home in the country. Nursing Home Compare also offers other types of facilities that provide various levels of health care and assistance with activities of daily living.