CMS Conditions for Coverage Resources

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Council of Nephrology Social Workers Resources

CSNW Webinars

  1. Psychosocial Aspects of the 2008 Dialysis Conditions for Coverage (May 2008)
  2. Improving Dialysis Patient Health Related Quality of Life (December 2008)

CNSW-Developed Tools

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Council on Renal Nutrition Resources

CRN Webinars

NKF/CRN Presents: Conditions of Coverage and Draft Interpretive Guidelines: What RDs Need to Know (September 2008)

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Council Of Nephrology Nurses & Technicians Resources

Resource Guide for the Infection Control Conditions for Coverage

This tool helps the user navigate through many infection control resources. Each of the 28 v-tags associated with Subpart B Patient Safety Infection Control has a corresponding link that will allow the user quick access to the resource needed. This simplifies the process, guides you to utilize the appropriate resource and expedites compliance with the regulations. Click here for pdf Members Only


The implementation and interpretation of the new Conditions for Coverage for End-stage Renal Disease Facilities is anticipated to be a dynamic process. These resources reflect the information available to the kidney community as of their version dates. Please confirm with CNSW or CRN whether further information, resources, or guidance has been provided on these subjects. Information provided by CNSW and CRN is not intended to establish or replace policies and procedures provided by dialysis providers to their facilities. Please check with your dialysis facility management before implementing any information provided here.

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