Special note regarding 2010 Health Care Reform

The Health Care Reform Act of March 23, 2010 will make changes in the way we experience our health care. This is even truer for the children we care for in Nephrology.

Beginning in late September 2010, insurers are barred from rejecting children with pre-existing medical conditions. At the same time, insurers in at least 32 states have suspended writing children-only policies. Children who had policies prior to the signing of the bill in March 2010 will be able to keep their benefits until there are significant changes in the policy, including raising copayments or reducing benefits. A change in the contributions employers make is also included, so parents may continue to have concerns about insurance coverage for their children.

Another portion of the law is the extension to age 26 years of insurance to a child/young adult who has been on the parents' Group Health Insurance policy. This can be most helpful for our transitioning patients.

As we all learn more about the provisions under the Health Care Reform Act that apply to pediatric patients, we will update this resource.