New Worker Award

Now is the time to acknowledge contributions of nephrology social work colleagues who are relatively new to the field of renal social work. The New Worker Award winner will be announced at the CNSW Professional Council Conference. Nominations are based on the following criteria:


  1. Nominations must be made in the nominee's first two years of renal social work practice.
  2. Nominee must have demonstrated outstanding contributions to patient services.
  3. Nominee must have demonstrated a high level of project involvement (including CNSW Chapter projects as well as any other activities impacting ESRD patient issues).
  4. Nominee must be a regular member of CNSW (an MSW and licensed in his/her state, if applicable, per Federal Regulations) and actively involved in some aspect of renal social work.


  1. Nominations should be submitted by a CNSW Chapter rather than an individual. Where no chapter exists, the nomination should be submitted with endorsement by another nephrology social worker.
  2. Only one nomination for the New Worker Award will be accepted per CNSW chapter each year.
  3. Nominations should be submitted in writing in the required format to the Immediate Past Chair by August 15. No late nominations will be accepted.
  4. Nominations will be distributed to members of the CNSW Executive Committee for voting. The award will be given to the individual(s) receiving 70% of Executive Committee members' votes.

Nomination Form (27kb download)
You can print it out and fill it out by hand and send it to the address listed.