CNSW Eastern Pennsylvania and Delaware Chapter

CNSW Eastern Pennsylvania and Delaware Chapter

The Eastern Pennsylvania and Delaware Chapter is one of the CNSW local chapters in the United States with a membership of over 30 current and retired nephrology social work practitioners.

The Eastern Pennsylvania and Delaware Chapter recognizes excellence in the field of Nephrology Social Work. Each year the Chapter presents a member the Social Worker of the Year Award for Outstanding Achievement.

The Eastern Pennsylvania and Delaware Chapter provides networking opportunities to its members. During each of the chapter's meetings, members are encouraged to meet during an informal breakfast/coffee and during the lunch break. A business meeting is held at each gathering which includes individual introductions and discussion of relevant topics.

The Council of Nephrology Social Workers (CNSW) is a professional membership council within the National Kidney Foundation (NKF). CNSW's purpose is twofold:

  • to assist patients and their families in dealing with the psychosocial stresses and lifestyle adjustments that come with a diagnosis of CKD and to facilitate a treatment program that will maximize rehabilitation potential; and
  • to support the federal regulations governing ESRD reimbursement in regard to standards for social work practice and in the definition of a qualified social worker.

NKF - CNSW National Goals:

  1. Develop and promote patient education.
  2. Support and promote the profession and education of renal social worker.
  3. Impact regulatory and legislative issues.
  4. Ensure the use of qualified social workers in the ESRD setting.
  5. Provide ongoing support and education to the renal patient.