CNSW Elections

Chair-elect Candidates

Kevin Ceckowski, LICSW
Arlington, VA

My first goal is to continue to learn all I can about CNSW as I have been doing for the past number of years on the Executive Committee. The work that each of us does with regards to tackling renal disease is vital. We are spread out across a wide expanse of territory, each with unique issues to understand and to share. The talent and the spirit to volunteer is tremendous with our nephrology/transplant social workers and I will continue to give CNSW 100% of myself to make a difference in the lives of our patients.


Dori Muench, LCSW, NSW-C, FNKF
Winston-Salem, NC

If elected to the position of Chair-elect, I hope to continue to serve the mission of CNSW, as well as serve as an advocate for my fellow social workers. As we continue to live in this unprecedented time of Zoom meetings and Webex, I hope I will be able help support the programs and resources that are valuable to my peers and their patients. I hope that this leadership will assist my colleagues in reaching their patient populations full potential.


Region II/IV Representative Candidates

Meghan Buckner, LMSW
Knoxville, TN

My goal is to provide a fresh set of eyes, a new viewpoint or perspective. As someone with many years of hospital experience, and now direct outpatient dialysis experience, I want to work with a team of peers from all professional avenues to enhance the ability to advocate for and serve those with kidney needs in the community. I am looking to grow professionally and learn from others, as well as offer my knowledge and expertise with people of my discipline.


Tiffena Pierce, MSW, LMSW, NSW-C
Hope, AK

I am a motivated social worker, with over thirty years of experience in the dialysis field organizing and implementing various aspects of social services. I am passionate about developing and facilitating programs to support communities in need. I am collaborative and analytical, with a proven ability to build strategic partnerships, advocate for clients and advance change for communities in need. If elected, my goals would be to establish and promote great communication throughout the office between Executive Committee members, CNSW members and NKF. I will challenge myself to spark at least one positive interaction each week in order to encourage individual membership, with hope of developing additional chapters. Hopefully I can be that spark to help light the path for future members to see all the great things that are being done within this great partnership of NKF-CNSW. I look forward to assisting in any way I can.