CNSW Elections

CNSW Elections

Nominations for the next election cycle will open Fall 2024.

*Please note that current NKF Membership is required to vote and to run for election in all open Council positions. Not an NKF member? Join or renew today! 



  • NKF-CNSW Executive Committee members elected in 2023 will take office at the 2024 Spring Clinical Meetings (SCM24) May 14-18, 2024. 
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General Responsibilities of CNSW Executive Committee Members


In addition to the individual office responsibilities, all CNSW Executive Committee Members are expected to fulfill the following requirements:

1. Maintain current regular National CNSW Membership.
2. Attend the CNSW Executive Committee meeting in conjunction with the Spring Clinical Meetings and other (conference calls/Zoom) meetings as requested by the CNSW Chair.
3. Know and maintain the CNSW Rules and Regulations (By-laws).
4. Fulfill responsibility for special assignments, ad hoc committees, and projects.
5. Represent CNSW at meetings, hearings, etc. as requested by the CNSW Chairperson.
6. Maintain records of activities and correspondence related to CNSW office.
7. Notify or submit copies of all pertinent CNSW-related correspondence to Chair.
8. Submit reports to RenaLink, the joint publication newsletter of CNSW, CNNT, and CRN, as specified in position timetable.
9. Participate in CNSW listservs.
10. Orient successor to office, including transfer of position timetables and materials of office.