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Handbook on Continuous Quality Improvement for Nephrology Social Work Practice:

Measuring and Improving Psychosocial Interventions and Outcomes Through CQI

The Handbook includes:

  • A comprehensive psychosocial assessment format and problem list, to provide a framework for psychosocial assessment
  • Specific psychosocial factors for review, as they relate to achieving the recommendations of the National Kidney Foundation's Dialysis Outcomes Quality Initiative (NKF-DOQI™)
  • A list of assessment tools, to complement the psychosocial assessment and provide for the routine and consistent measurement of social work interventions related to Health Related Quality of Life Case studies, to demonstrate CQI in process from a social work perspective
  • A complete bibliography, to encourage review of further articles on outcome measurement and CQI

To order please call the National Kidney Foundation at 800-622-9010.