CNSW Fact Sheets

CNSW has created a variety of factsheets to address key areas of clinical and professional concern in the community.

Hospice and Dialysis Care Members Only

A professional focused fact sheet explaining the coordination of hospice benefits and dialysis care.


CKD and Medicare: A Guide for People with Employer Group Health Plan Insurance Members Only

A patient focused fact sheet that explains coordination of benefits between Employer Group Health Plans and Medicare and answers many of the common patient questions on this topic.


Medicare, COBRA, and Kidney Failure Members Only

A fact sheet that answers the common questions regarding Medicare, COBRA, and Kidney Failure.


Medicare Part D Prescription Drug Benefit Information Fact Sheet

A patient focused fact sheet that explains the Medicare Part D Prescription Drug Benefit program. Available in English and Spanish.

Traveling with Dialysis Fact Sheet Members Only

A patient focused fact sheet regarding how to arrange dialysis when traveling. The fact sheet explains the usual steps to take when arranging dialysis treatments during travel.


Council of Nephrology Social Workers 2002 Membership Survey Results Members Only

In the summer of 2002, a CNSW Membership Survey was mailed to every CNSW member for their feedback on CNSW and services that are and could be provided to members. These surveys were also distributed to CNSW attendees at the NKF Clinical Nephrology Meeting in Chicago April 2002 for completion. This is a final report for CNSW Members.


What the letters behind the Medicare number mean?

A reference list of the codes associated with Medicare numbers.


Transplant Abroad Factsheet Members Only

A factsheet summarizing some of the implications for transplantation abroad that Nephrology Social Workers can address with their patients.


What Your Social Worker Can Do For You Members Only

A patient handout explaining what a social worker can do for them (from the CNSW Outcomes Training Project).


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