Georgia Council on Renal Nutrition (GCRN)

Purpose, Mission Statement, Goals

National NKF-CRN Goals

  1. Promote and encourage quality nutrition care of all patients with CKD
  2. Support the profession of the renal dietitian and promote professional education
  3. Develop and promote patient and public education
  4. Stimulate, support, encourage and disseminate nutrition-related research
  5. Impact regulatory and legislative issues
  6. Maintain and increase Council membership
  7. Maintain fiscal accountability within the NKF structure in support of CRN goals.

GCRN Mission Statement & Goals

  1. Act as an advisory council to the National Kidney Foundation Serving Georgia and Alabama on issues concerning renal nutrition.
  2. Develop and distribute information on the nutritional aspects of renal disease, dialysis, transplantation, and other related disorders throughout the state.
  3. Develop and promote statewide continuing education programs that will further the education of dietitians, physicians, and other interested health professionals
  4. Establish and promote good nutritional care for patients through liaison with the community, professionals, as well as other organizations.