CRN Standing Committees


This committee is responsible for promoting the involvement of the membership in legislative and public policy activities at the federal, state and local levels as needed. The committee is charged with maintaining an awareness of nutrition and renal legislation and soliciting appropriate action and/or response from the CRN and its members.

Patient and Public Education

This committee is charged with the responsibility of patient and public education through publication of nutrition brochures, fact sheets, cookbooks, and so on, as well as articles in NKF newsletters such as Family Focus. Any materials produced or adopted by this committee must be approved by a designated NKF committee such as the Scientific Advisory Board (SAB).

Professional Education

This committee is responsible for developing or obtaining and organizing professional educational materials of interest to CRN membership. Materials produced or adopted by this committee must be approved by the designated NKF committee such as the SAB. Examples of educational materials from this committee are the Clinical Guide to Nutrition Care in CKD (3rd edition) and the National Renal Diet, co-produced with the American Dietetic Association (ADA). Projects for this committee may be identified by CRN membership, NKF or the CRN Executive Committee. Many past projects have been done jointly with ADA's Renal Practice Group (ADA-RPG).

NKF Spring Clinical Meetings

The broad responsibilities of this committee are planning and executing the Council on Renal Nutrition program track at the Clinical Nephrology Meetings, which are held each spring. This committee is appointed by the CRN Program Chair and approved by the CRN Chair. For more information on SCM dates and locations, click here

Newsletter Editor

Co-Editors responsible for producing the CRN section of RenaLink, the joint council quarterly newsletter. The Region and Alternate Representatives and CRN officers are responsible to get reports in by specified deadlines. The main goal of this multidisciplinary newsletter is to communicate with the membership and keep them informed of the many projects and legislative and regulatory issues.

Journal of Renal Nutrition (JRN)

The JRN editor is appointed by a nominating committee including representation from CRN, NKF's SAB, and NKF staff. The Editor serves as an ad hoc member of the CRN Executive Committee. Issues regarding the journal are discussed and decided by the CRN Executive Committee with input from the editor, NKF staff and SAB. The assistant editors and the Editorial Board are appointed by the editor and are responsible for quarterly publication of the JRN. They are charged with promoting renal nutrition through the publication of research and other information pertinent to the field of renal dietetics

Research Grants

This committee reviews research proposals as received by NKF-CRN and may be called upon to review abstracts that are submitted for Annual and Clinical Meetings. It also serves as a liaison between CRN membership and CRN's current National Research Question, to encourage member participation and to keep members informed of the progress on the project.

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