The Joel D. Kopple Award

The Joel D. Kopple Award is an annual CRN award honoring an individual who has made significant contributions to the field of renal nutrition. It was initially presented to Joel D. Kopple in 2001. The award recipient is not required to be a CRN or NKF member, nor must he or she practice in healthcare. The award is based on achievements in any one or more of the following areas, which have impacted on renal nutrition practices and goals. These areas include:

  • Legislation
  • Clinical Practice
  • Education
  • Research

Any CRN member, through communication with his or her Region Representative, may nominate someone for this award. Nominations from members of the CRN Executive Committee, are then submitted to the CRN Awards Chairperson. The Awards Chairperson presents these nominees at the Fall CRN Executive Committee meeting. Members of the Executive Committee will discuss and vote on the person who will be honored with this award. The award is presented at the annual NKF Clinical Meetings in conjunction with the recipient's requested presentation.