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“KDOQI's directed research program explores unanswered questions identified by KDOQI Guidelines.”


We regret to inform you that, due to budgetary shortfalls at the National Kidney Foundation, there will be no new funding available for KDOQI Research grants in 2011. This means that we will not be able to issue a new RFA at this time.
NKF is currently funding four KDOQI research grants at $150,000/yr, and anticipates that the RFA will be issued as soon as sufficient funds become available for additional awards. Thank you for your continued support of NKF and KDOQI.

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Sun Woo, MD and PhD Center for Human Genomics at University of California at San Diego
Sun Woo, MD and PhD, studies hypertensive kidney disease at the Center for Human Genomics at University of California at San Diego with NKF support.

KDOQI Research History

The National Kidney Foundation’s newest research grant initiative stimulates investigation addressing the research recommendations that accompany each Kidney Disease Outcomes Quality Initiative (KDOQI)™ guideline.

Answering these questions will enable KDOQI to provide more authoritative guidance regarding appropriate tests and therapies in the future, lead to enhanced patient outcomes, advance patient advocacy and, ultimately, validate, critique, and improve guidelines. It is hoped that studies of guideline implementation efforts will also contribute to the effective utilization of KDOQI guidelines and clinical practice recommendations.

NKF plans to fund two new KDOQI research grants each fiscal year. Each will provide support at the level of $150,000, per annum, for three years. Funding will be limited to projects that are responsive to an annual Request For Applications (RFA). Funding is available to investigators at any stage of their career, as long as there is no scientific or budgetary overlap with other research support.

KDOQI Research News: KDOQI 2009 Research Grant Awards Winners

Chester Fox Josef Coresh

KDOQI Research Criteria

Topics for the KDOQI RFA, issued annually in September, are selected by the KDOQI Research Advisory Committee based upon the following criteria:

  • Areas that are ripe for study, i.e. where there is a gap in knowledge but there is some preliminary evidence suggesting that research could be fruitful;
  • Degree to which patient outcomes could be improved;
  • Likelihood that meaningful progress could be generated at the level of support NKF is committing;
  • Interest of policy makers (Congress, CMS, FDA);
  • Likelihood that investigator may be able to secure funding (from NIH, industry) to complete the study, or take the next steps towards improving patient outcomes, e.g. by completing the study with NKF support and publishing the findings.

KDOQI Research Grant

KDOQI Research Grant support could fund work such as pilot studies related to the KDOQI research recommendations, proof of concept or feasibility studies that, in turn, would provide preliminary data on which applications for NIH support could be based. Secondary analysis of existing data bases such as ancillary studies in connection with ongoing randomized clinical trials and observational cohort studies may also be appropriate.

Potential applicants should also be aware of the following principles:

  • Research relating to chronic kidney disease as well as studies addressing the care of dialysis patients and kidney transplant recipients can (may) be funded.
  • Funds can be utilized to develop an infrastructure for data analysis in a clinical nephrology program.
  • The grant can support research on cross-cutting themes, e.g. how to enhance adherence to the KDOQI guidelines; developing evidence that the KDOQI guidelines and recommendations enhance outcomes.
  • Only one grant will be made in any discrete KDOQI research area, during any funding cycle.
  • Applicants must have a full-time faculty position in a university or non-profit research setting at the time that funding is awarded
  • Only one grant will be made to any institution during any funding cycle.

For additional information, please review the Instructions to Applicants, available on the research page of the NKF web site or send an e-mail to: research@kidney.org

KDOQI Research Topics

KDOQI Clinical Practice Guidelines Research Recommendations (PDF 493kb)

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Holly Kramer

Holly Kramer, MD
Vice Chair, Research

For additional information, please send an email to research@kidney.org.