Local Chapter Resources

Local Chapters Policies

  1. Chapters must work with NKF to accredit their educational programs (apply for CE/CEUs).
  2. Chapters must work with NKF to handle their money. They cannot have their own bank accounts. 
  3. Chapters must work with NKF to enter into contracts with vendors, sponsors, etc.


Read local chapter policies

Read chapter financial policies


Best Practices

These best practices outline a basic system for mutual support between NKF local office staff and chapters. NKF field service staff and the Membership Services Coordinator are available to assist you in the implementation of these best practices.

  • Each year, local chapter officers and NKF local office staff meet to discuss:
    • Expectations for partnership.
    • Education, communication and fundraising activities for the coming fiscal year.
    • The chapter's proposed budget.
    • This meeting should be part of the local office's annual strategic planning and budgeting process.
  • The chapter chair should participate in NKF local office activities, and may serve as a member or liaison of its Medical Advisory Board or other professional committees.
  • NKF local office staff are invited to all local chapter meetings, including Executive Committee meetings, educational events, etc. 
  • For simplicity of account administration, we recommend chapters promote to national NKF members in their area, and do away with local dues completely. 

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