Local Chapter Resources

Best Practice

NKF Division/Affiliates and local chapters of CNSW, CRN and CNNT offer each other support and services as they pursue their missions. Local chapters carry on the work of NKF by providing education and programs that meet the needs of their specific communities and professional members.

These best practice concepts outline a basic system for mutual support and high quality professional education and communication. NKF field service staff and the Membership Services Coordinator are available to assist you in the implementation of these best practices.

  • Each year, local chapter officers and NKF Division/Affiliate staff meet to agree on:
    • Expectations
    • Education, communication and fundraising activities for the next fiscal year, including the chapter's proposed budget.
    • This meeting should be part of the Division/Affiliate’s annual strategic planning and budgeting process.
  • Each local chapter chair participates in NKF Division/Affiliate activities, and may serve as a member or liaison of its Medical Advisory Board or other professional committees.
  • Division/Affiliate staff members are invited to all local chapter meetings, including Executive Committee meetings, and attend whenever possible.
  • For simplicity of account administration, we recommend chapter promote either national NKF membership, or do away with dues completely.