Becvar, Ron

1948 - 1994
Sharon K. Becvar
Tyndall, SD

Ron loved the land. He spent his life tending it and watching it. He loved to see the land change from the bleak white of winter to the dark black of spring field work. The first sign of green life flowing from the soil brought a smile to his face and he nurtured that small bit of life through the heat of summer and the drying days of fall. He saw the color change from green to golden and then the land slide back into the bleak white of winter. Although he will see those changes from a much better home, through his gift another will see a much loved grandchild laugh and play. Yet one other will be able to see to perform the tasks necessary to provide life to his family and a sense of purpose for himself. The time he spent in life was too short, but the gift he gave will linger and will help those who survive to believe he is still with us in some small way.