Cabe, Chris

1970 - 1994
Kathleen Cabe
Virginia Beach, VA

Our Christopher left us May 23, 1994 without saying good-bye. We wish you would have fought for your life a little harder but God's plans cannot be stopped. We watched you grow to be a young man and father, who had big dreams for his life. Christopher, you made us realize one thing. If you love someone, tell them, do not hold back. You may not have the chance again. We had so many good times and now the fun is replaced by tears, but our memories live forever. We will always cherish those years. Our comfort is knowing that God's greatest gift to us is eternal life and we believe Christopher has received that life. That perfect and painless life is the hope of us all. The cross is a symbol of our faith and it helps us bear our grief as Christ died on the cross and suffered, so did our Christopher. Memory Eternal-Vechnay Pamyat Cabe Family