Coleman, Sidney

11/19/67 - 04/21/89
Cynthia Coleman
New York, NY

LETTER FOR A WONDERFUL SON While working on my son Sidney's quilt square, my thoughts went back to some of his life. When he was in nursery school - it was a day for fingerpainting. A friend of his decided to paint him instead.He came home all GREEN. I smiled. As I added more color to the butterfly motif, my thoughts go on. A neighbor came running to me and said - "Your son is doing "wheelies" on his bike - Does he think he is Evil Knievel?" I smiled. I am adding more colors to the butterfly - my thoughts go on. He is walking down the aisle of St. Patricks Cathedral (H. S. graduation) -I smiled. I am adding the last color to the butterfly - I smile - because I worked on the Quilt square on the sixth anniversary of his death. I felt an uplifting spirit. My vision is - "Sidney is smiling."