Danhauer, Christopher

10/01/70 - 11/04/93
Carolyn Creighton
St.Louis, MO

My son, Christopher's quilt square represents his way of life and the things that made him happiest. Trout fishing, country streams and all the wonderful things in nature brought him enjoyment. Any time one of us would ask what he had planned for the day, he'd reply, "Going fishing." Chris taught us all something about God's beautiful world. I started watching the sunrises and sunsets and seeing them like never before. I believe Chris is with me, helping me see the ribbons of pink and blue in the sky, sometimes with a soft white cloud passing by. I'm proud of what Chris was able to do for the organ recipients and grateful God gave us the strength to make the right decisions. I hope that when people see his square, they'll remember life is precious and God's world is wonderful. Hopefully, they'll take the time to be "Going Fishing."