Giffer, Colleen N.

06/07/37 - 09/16/91
P. Giffer
Grosse Point, MI

Her life was a lesson in Love Wife - Mother - Grandma Colleen was the kindest, most patient, loving, understanding human being that I have ever met. She enjoyed every day to its' fullest. She was an unselfish caregiver to all who needed help. I have such wonderful memories of Colleen and I miss her so very much, but knowing that her organs are now the source of many people enjoying a relative normal life brings great peace to our family. The note from the kidney recipient's husband was all I needed to know that I did the right thing in donating Colleen's organs. What a wonderful "Thank you". To donate your organs is one of the most unselfish acts that anybody could perform and the idea that your loved one continues to live is very rewarding. My patch for the "Quilt" is a piece of Colleen's bathrobe. I love you. Your husband, Patrick T. Giffer, Sr. Your Children Maryann Patrick, Jr. Colleen Your Grandchildren Kathleen Colleen Sarah Colleen