Jamerson, Jill

04/07/74 - 09/18/93
Joyce Jamerson
Lakeland, FL

Since early in time, men have established memorials to honor their living and their dead. The donor quilt will do all that and more...honor both the living and the dead. We, the donor families, can rejoice that a good purpose was served, even in our moments of tragedy. The recipients can certainly rejoice in a newfound state of health, and we can all thank God that through the wonders of medicine this is even possible. If the quilt could talk, one square would tell how the fabric used was the same as in a quilt made for Jill when she went away to college. The square could tell of tears shed, hopes diminished and dreams unfulfilled. Some day, though, the quilt can tell of hope for the future, healing, courage, and strength... yes, even growth. We will all grow as a result of our experiences, and as this quilt grows, so may our peace. May the tears shed at the viewing of this quilt be tears, not of sadness, but of joy for the contributions we have made to life.