Logsdon, Jennifer Holly

10/12/74 - 10/09/93
Eddie Logsdon
Owensboro, KY

The blue and white square is from Jennifer's father's baby quilt in which Jennifer was brought home from the hospital. The red material is from her mother's red coat that she wore when she was a year old. The white lace is from her mother's wedding veil. The red hearts intertwined are representative of the love with which her father and I brought her into the world. Jennifer was almost 19 years old when she died. During the short years she was with us, she made an impact on all she loved and was friends with everyone. She had a smile that never stopped. Our family and her friends are better for knowing and loving her. Missed very much by her father, Eddie, her mother, Judy, and younger sister, Eydie and all her family and friends and Barrett Ludwiczak, her fiance.