Mooney, Jeffrey

10/29/80 - 06/16/94
Jerry & Janet Mooney
Heflin, AL

Jeffery was very special in so many ways: high spirited; living life to the fullest; always loving, giving and caring. He had a special place in everyone's heart who knew him. When he was only 11 years old, he told me, "Mom, if anything should ever happen to me, I want to be an organ donor, because after you die your body ain't anymore good. My organs can be used to save someone else's life." We never thought about organ donation until this very supportive and sweet, smiling nurse approached me about the matter after Jeffery's critical accident. Asking only, if we would consider organ donation. Jeffery's words started to echo through my head. We knew in reality the decision had already been made. We had to carry out his wishes. Part of our son lives on because of his young knowledge of organ donation. His quilt square is a piece of his favorite shirt.