Morrissey, Jeffery Jon

09/12/70- 09/28/90
T.J. & Susan Morrissey
Mossyrock, WA

The most important things about Jeff's life were the things I put on the quilt square. He was our son, a brother, cousin, nephew, grandson, friend, uncle and most importantly, he was studying to become a teacher. In his 20 years, he taught us a lot about love and life and having fun and laughing and enjoying life to the fullest. Because he was also an organ donor, his life meant something above and beyond his wildest expectations and ours. Many others live on because of our family's decision. It was something we knew Jeff would be proud to do. We will always love him, and never forget him and what his life meant. He touched my life like a snowflake on my cheek. So beautiful, but melting away too soon... -Susan L. Morrissey