Snow, Brinlee

Paul & Lee Snow
Salt Lake City, UT

No gift is greater than giving the gift of life. No gift is harder to give. No gift is harder to receive. Within the ache of compassion, it only took a moment to give. Within the silence of my heart, it is a life worth remembering. The honor roll awards are no longer tucked deep within my desk. There are no new dance costumes, clogging competitions or first place ribbons hanging on the wall. No tennis matches to watch. There are no more evening jogs nor discussions about life with my youngest companion. There aren't any new hand drawn birthday, Mother's Day or Father's Day cards. No more special notes of thank you or how was your day questions. No more cross-stitched notes that say I love you. No more Utah Jazz basketball games, John Stockton posters or game highlights to live over. There are only precious moments and precious memories to hold tight. Brinlee's quilted square is a Precious Moment bear holding a big pink heart. Just like Brinlee, it makes you smile; it is gentle and quiet. Brinlee's heart was full of life; she life to the fullest. She understood and accepted others with kindness and love. Her square shows a special love lost and a special love in giving. It is a reminder that Brinlee's last deed gave others a second chance at life.