Getting Employer Support to Attend

The four days of the NKF 2020 Spring Clinical Meetings will be the most cost-effective professional development choice you have all year. Use this Letter to Request Employer Support to Attend SCM20 to assist you with gaining support from your employer. Feel free to customize it however you would like.

Tips on Getting Employer Support for Attending SCM20:

  • Offer to prepare and deliver a short presentation and Q&A to your colleagues to share what you learn, so others in your work setting can benefit from your attendance.
  • Share the on-site program book and Web site for speaker handouts with your colleagues.
  • Explain what you plan to get out of attending and how that will benefit your work, organization, and patients.
  • Be ready with a plan that shows who will cover for you while you’re attending the Meeting.
  • Offer to share a room to reduce hotel expenses.
  • Search airline tickets/transportation early to obtain the best rates

If you have other ideas on how to get employer support and would like to share, please e-mail them to clinicalmeetings@kidney.org, and we will include them on our Web site.