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Physician Program


Targeted particularly for practicing physicians and physician trainees, this year’s presentations are designed to convey the latest information about state of the art care with the goal of improving outcomes for individuals with kidney disease.

Pre-conference Courses

One-day, intensive sessions on dialysis, kidney transplantation, hypertension, and critical care, with an emphasis on the new and the now.

Glomerular Diseases: This course focuses on updates in the pathogenesis and treatment of various primary glomerular and secondary glomerular diseases.  Faculty will discuss clinical issues with case discussions.

Successful Dialysis: Who, What, Where, When and How: Both the basics and the advanced principles of dialysis are addressed in this comprehensive dialysis review.  Participants will learn about the latest thinking in initiating dialysis, matching patients to optimal therapies, setting and evaluating the dialysis prescription, and troubleshooting frequent clinical issues that arise when caring for PD and HD patients. Case presentations and in interactive format will engage participants in active learning that they can translate readily to the clinical setting.

Kidney Transplant: The latest advances and changes in transplant policies, tissue typing, transplant immunosuppression, short- and long-term care of kidney transplant recipients and approaching potential donors are among the focuses of this course. Case discussions, an audience response system and round table discussion will be used to promote participant-faculty interaction.

Hypertension: This new course is offered in collaboration with the American Society of Hypertension.  Topics feature a review of home versus office blood pressure assessments, secondary hypertension, and approaches to management.  The course will also cover clinical cases in an interactive format, including clinical challenges faced when caring for patients with hypertension, including in pregnancy, orthostasis, hypertensive crises, and the elderly.

General Sessions

Learn what every nephrologist needs to know about kidney donation; tackle the toughest cases of resistant hypertension; navigate the brave new world of outpatient dialysis for acute kidney injury; learn about the new era of treatment for hepatitis C and how it will affect your patients.  Sessions will be increasingly interactive, with an enabled web-app to facilitate rapid communication between speakers and attendees.

The Basics: Glomerulonephritis; Hypertension; Transplant; Vascular Access; Hemodialysis and Peritoneal Dialysis; Vascular Access; Diabetic Nephropathy; PKD; Acute Kidney Injury; Nutrition

Updates and Guidelines: The latest news, numbers and advice from the USRDS, the DOPPS and KDOQI

Hot Topics: The new transplant allocation system; Outpatient Dialysis for AKI, APOL1, Mesoamerican Nephropathy, ESCOs and Accountable Care; Hepatitis C and CKD; 8 Glasses of Water per Day?

Lunch Workshops

Largely case-based and relevant to clinical practice, topics include hypertension, electrolytes, complement associated kidney diseases, social media, dialysis, communication skills, calciphylaxis, anemia management, pathology for the clinician, nephrolithiasis and onco-nephrology.