Cheyenne Fasce, RN, BSN

The Carol Mattix Award

Cheyenne Fasce has an unwavering passion for advocating for her patients, consistently seeking ways to improve their lives, and spreading awareness about pediatric kidney disease. With more than 11 years’ experience working as a nurse, Cheyenne found her true calling when she began working with dialysis patients. Over the past five years, she has worked with those with acute and chronic disease, both pediatric and adult cases. Her persistence and hard work have allowed her to help patients in unique ways. She works alongside social workers and child life specialists to apply for grants so that she can go above and beyond for patients, providing them with materials, games and activities to keep them entertained and distracted during long treatments and training sessions. But she doesn’t stop there. Cheyenne recognizes that dialysis patients can often feel self-conscious about the changes their body may undergo during treatment. Cheyenne ensures her patients feel good about their body image, providing them securement devices for peritoneal dialysis catheters free of charge.


Cheyenne’s relentless drive to make the world a better place for dialysis patients is apparent in everything she does. In her two years with DCI, she has played an integral part in developing and growing the outpatient pediatric dialysis program for Upstate Medical University Golisano Children's Hospital in Syracuse, NY.


Cheyenne is also determined to further her education in order to continue to find new and innovative ways to support the patients in her care. Always thinking ahead for the next best way she can advocate for patients, Cheyenne has exciting plans in place for the future. When she finishes her master’s degree, she hopes to continue her work in pediatric and adult nephrology, and wants to focus on increasing access to home dialysis and providing resources for rural and financially-limited patients. Cheyenne hopes to increase national awareness of pediatric kidney disease, and her ultimate goal is to write a children’s book about dialysis. Cheyenne’s zeal and passion are unmatched, and she works hard to be a champion for her patients and give them the very best.


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