Susan T. Crowley, MD, MBA, FASN, FNKF

The David M. Hume Memorial Award

I am a board-certified Professor of Medicine (Nephrology) at Yale University School of Medicine and National Program Director for the Veterans Health Administration (VHA) Kidney Disease and Dialysis Program. Field-based at VA Connecticut Healthcare System, I also serve as the Chief of the VA Renal Section within Medical Services. My expertise is in the care of people with advanced kidney disease and in its treatment with renal replacement therapy. I manage the delivery of kidney health services to Veterans locally and advise VA executive leadership on national policy to promote best practices in the care of Veterans with kidney disease. I have expertise in dialytic therapy and in driving national safety initiatives for the ESRD population. I Co-Chair the VHA Kidney Health Committee which fosters broad collaboration between VA operational and policy offices. I also established and lead the VA Nephrology Community of Practice Network, comprised of VA nephrology and dialysis nurse manager leaders from the125 VA facilities (74 VA outpatient dialysis units) offering kidney health services.


I’m experienced as a Site PI and Planning and Steering Committee member for VA Cooperative Studies targeting kidney disease. I serve on the DSMB for an NIH-funded pragmatic trial in CKD management and as Co-PI for NIDDK’s HOPE study examining novel chronic pain interventions for people undergoing hemodialysis.


Past David M. Hume Memorial Award Recipients:

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