The Pacific Northwest CRN

Recognized Chapter Award

Professional Networking, Education, and Support

The Pacific Northwest CRN was originally created as the Washington State CRN by Katy Wilkens and Kathy Harvey in 1980. In the 1980s, WSCRN members helped form the Renal Task Force after CMS Network II did the first nutrition audit. Member helped develop the nutrition guidelines for renal patients (which later because the ADA Guidelines for Nutritional Care of Renal Patients). In 2019, WSCRN combined with Oregon CRN and included (Idaho, Montana, and Alaska) to form the Pacific Northwest CRN (PNW-CRN) with 50+ current and past members.


We began offering webinars and developed our first website in 2014. In 2016, we sent our first newsletter to members. Our current website was created in 2016. Northwest Renal Dietitians (NWRD) formed from CRN membership as a non-profit corporation in 2016 to facilitate an annual 2-day conference for renal dietitians in the Spring. We provide professional networking, education, and support. Currently, most of our networking and education is via live webinar. Our members say that one of the most important reasons for participating in our CRN is the networking and webinars we offer. In the future our group hopes to hold more quarterly webinars, open discussions between renal dietitians, and create a community for renal dietitians in the Pacific Northwest.