Transplant Chronicles SPRING 2012

A Personal Look at World Kidney Day 2012 from the Eyes of a Kidney Transplant Recipient

By Shar Carlyle

Shar Carlyle, a kidney disease patient, spent World Kidney Day as an NKF advocate on Capitol Hill. Check out Shar's incredible experience helping make a difference for kidney patients all around the country.


The Other Side of Transplant

By John Sullivan

A lung and kidney transplant recipient, John Sullivan knows first-hand how an illness can take its toll on the entire family. Read about John's journey to good health-and his family's unwavering support.



Post-Transplant Diabetes

By Jeanette F. Lorang, RN

Studies suggest that one out of ten people who have transplants will develop diabetes. Learn more about the risk factors and how to keep your blood sugar under control.


Returning to Work

By Anna Eggebrecht

Diagnosed with Focal Segmental Glumerial Sclerosis (FSGS) as a child and then receiving two kidney transplants, Anna Eggebrecht is now living life to the fullest-including a satisfying career assisting individuals with disabilities return to work. Anna shares her personal story and offers a list of resources that she has found helpful here.


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