Transplant Chronicles Winter 2012

Celebrating 20 Years of Transplant Chronicles

Transplant…Then and Now

By Beverly Shreve, MSW

A transplant social worker discusses how far the transplant world has come since she began her career more than 30 years ago. Find out more about the invaluable resources that help to provide much improved patient care.


Life After Transplant: Facing Some Common Barriers

By Jack Fassnacht

From physical changes to finances to facing fears, kidney transplant recipient Jack Fassnacht examines the most common barriers after transplant—and offers his tips for getting through the hard times.




The Road to Recovery: A Mother's View

By Catherine Herridge

Catherine Herridge's son Peter was just a baby when he received a liver transplant in 2006. Recovery was a long road, but now Peter is a thriving 7-year-old boy. Read Catherine's inspiring story—and her personal advice for parents.


Managing Stress

By Lora Ward Wilson

Lora Wilson was always good about dealing with trying situations. But over the past few months, helping sick family members, dealing with work stress, and suffering an injured wrist, life was more than she could handle! Here is how Lora learned to reclaim her peace of mind—and how to keep stress in check.

Taking Care of Your Hands

By Lauren Farneth, MS, OTL: Advanced Occupational Therapist at University of Maryland Medical Center

You use your hands to complete a wide range of activities every day. This requires fine motor control, dexterity, grip strength, and coordination. These hand functions can be affected after surgery. It's important to address any issues so you can be as functional and independent as possible. Click here for tips on reducing swelling and basic exercises to build strength.

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