Transplant Chronicles Winter 2009


Your Bone Health Starts Here.The Importance of Vitamin D

By Jay Eidem, PharmD

Winter is upon us here in the northern hemisphere. The winter months not only usher in brisk weather—they also mark the beginning of a lesser known season, a vitamin D winter. Vitamin D is necessary for creating and maintaining bone health and regulating calcium levels in the blood. It is important to maintain vitamin D in our diets to prevent bone loss and risk of broken bones.

Read on to discover the other benefits associated with Vitamin D.


Q & A: How to Relieve Medication Side Effects After Transplantation

By Shirley Schlessinger, MD

Transplant patients often have many questions regarding their medications and possible side effects. Fortunately, with a few adjustments most common side-effects can be easily managed.

Click here to read questions and answers on dealing with common medication side effects with Dr. Shirley Schlessinger.


Make Your Voice Heard

Join the National Kidney Foundation People Like Us Take Action Network and learn how to become an effective advocate. Find out more

Vanessa and Beverly: A Living Donor Story

By Beverly Shreve, MSW, and Vanessa A. Underwood

When Vanessa Underwood needed a third kidney transplant, her long-time friend Beverly Shreve gave her the ultimate gift.

Read their inspirational story here.


How's my (Living) Donor?

By Leslie Spry, MD, FACP FASN

Donating an organ is a huge, life-altering decision.  It is important to know as much as possible about the physical and psychological aspects of donating a kidney to another individual. 

Read on to learn more about this very special act of altruism.

Transplant News

Compiled by Jim Warren

Stay up-to-date with the major headlines! Read Jim Warren’s compilation of the latest news in the transplant world here.


The Road of Detours: Bariatric Surgery

By Nancee Vander Pluym, MS, RD and Kay Atkins, MS, RD

Meet Bonnie, a kidney disease patient who needed to lose weight to even qualify for a transplant. Read her amazing journey through bariatric surgery and a kidney transplant—to live an active, healthy life.



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