Transplant Chronicles Summer 2009


Talking With Your Kids About Your Transplant

By Rebecca Hays, MSW

When a family member gets a transplant, the whole family is affected. Some children are outspoken and ask lots of questions, while others may be quieter or afraid of the answers. Click here for some tips about opening up the lines of communication between parents and children of all ages.

Transplant Medications: Forget Me Not!

By Tracy Anderson-Haag, PharmD

Do you find yourself forgetting to take a dose of your immunosuppressive or other medications? Most transplant patients are taking between 5 and 15 medications daily, with doses due one to four times. Unfortunately, missed doses or forgotten medications can lead to serious problems in transplant patients. Read on to learn why it's so important to remember to take all your medications.

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When a Transplant Fails

By Lara E. Tushla, LCSW

Everyone talks about the success rates of kidney transplants. Rarely do we talk about what happens when they fail. Discover helpful ways to deal with the disappointment related to a failed kidney transplant here.

My Husband's Kidney: Doing Well After 26 years

By Amy Shwab

January 4th 1983 is a special day in my husband Rick's life. It is the day he received a kidney from his younger sister, Beth. Now, 26 years later, Rick is living a healthy, happy life. Read Rick's inspiring story here.

Transplant News

Compiled by Jim Warren

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