Real Stories

Real people, real kidney stories.
Chef Duane talks about detecting kidney disease early and how healthy eating saved his life
NBA star Sean Elliott talks about his family history and kidney disease
Mike talks about life after a kidney disease diagnosis
Lynda talks about a simple test for kidney disease
Melissa talks about asking your doctor if you're at risk for kidney disease
Leah talks about being 16-and the shock of learning she has kidney disease
Jeff talks about high blood pressure and the importance of early detection
Joe talks about his kidney donation experience
Jeff talks about love and organ donation
Dr. Crawford talks about James Brown, feelin' good and kidney disease
Cynthia talks about family and the need for early kidney testing
Connie talks about giving the gift of life
Aaron talks about denial, hope and kidney disease
NFL player Reed Doughty talks about the importance of organ donation
Coach Tom talks about how giving a kidney to one of his players was the best decision he ever made
Dr. Spry talks about the NKF, dialysis and saving lives