Your kidneys and you

Your kidneys and you

Most people don't know how important their kidneys are. Learn about your kidneys and how to take care of them!

Your Kidneys and You

Most people don't know how important their kidneys are. Learn about the importance of your kidneys and how to take care of them in this short video!

The problem

Medicare alone spends $87 billion caring for individuals with kidney disease.

Why? Most people don't know anything about their kidneys and how important they are to their health, even the 37 million people who have kidney disease. If caught early, kidney disease can be slowed or even stopped.

How you can help

Go from "zero" to "kidney consciousness" in less than 3 minutes with our Your Kidneys and You video! This can be embedded on corporate Intranets as part of an employee wellness program, shown at community health fairs, or shared with members of your organization.

Share this video and help raise awareness about:

  • how kidneys function and how they keep you alive
  • the importance of early detection
  • the two simple, inexpensive tests people can get at their doctor's office
  • how people can improve their lifestyles to prevent kidney disease

Your Kidneys and Youth

Healthy habits start early. Let's learn things right now that will change your health in the future – like what the kidneys are and how to keep them healthy!


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