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Clinical Practice Guidelines for Nutrition in Chronic Renal Failure

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A. Maintenance Dialysis

1.  Evaluation of Protein-Energy Nutritional Status

Guideline 1. Use of Panels of Nutritional Measures
Guideline 2. Panels of Nutritional Measures for Maintenance Dialysis Patients
Guideline 3. Serum Albumin
Guideline 4. Serum Prealbumin
Guideline 5. Serum Creatinine and the Creatinine Index
Guideline 6. Serum Cholesterol
Guideline 7. Dietary Interviews and Diaries
Guideline 8. Protein Equivalent of Total Nitrogen Appearance (PNA)
Guideline 9. Subjective Global Nutritional Assessment (SGA)
Guideline 10. Anthropometry
Guideline 11. Dual Energy X-Ray Absorptiometry (DXA)
Guideline 12. Adjusted Edema-Free Body Weight (aBWef)

2.  Management of Acid-Base Status

Guideline 13. Measurement of Serum Bicarbonate
Guideline 14. Treatment of Low Serum Bicarbonate

3.  Management of Protein and Energy Intake

Guideline 15. Dietary Protein Intake (DPI) in Maintenance Hemodialysis (MHD)
Guideline 16. Dietary Protein Intake (DPI) for Chronic Peritoneal Dialysis (CPD)
Guideline 17. Daily Energy Intake for Maintenance Dialysis Patients

4.  Nutritional Counseling and Follow-Up

Guideline 18. Intensive Nutritional Counseling With Maintenance Dialysis (MD)
Guideline 19. Indications for Nutritional Support
Guideline20. Protein Intake During Acute Illness
Guideline 21. Energy Intake During Acute Illness

5. Carnitine

Guideline 22. L-Carnitine for Maintenance Dialysis Patients

B. Advanced Chronic Renal Failure Without Dialysis

Guideline 23. Panels of Nutritional Measures for Nondialyzed Patients
Guideline 24. Dietary Protein Intake for Nondialyzed Patients
Guideline 25. Dietary Energy Intake (DEI) for Nondialyzed Patients
Guideline 26. Intensive Nutritional Counseling for Chronic Renal Failure (CRF)
Guideline 27. Indications for Renal Replacement Therapy
C. Appendices (Adult Guidelines)

Appendix I. Methods for Measuring Serum Albumin
Appendix II. Methods for Calculation and Use of the Creatinine Index
Appendix III. Dietary Interviews and Diaries
Appendix IV. Role of the Renal Dietitian
Appendix V. Rationale and Methods for the Determination of the Protein Equivalent of Nitrogen Appearance (PNA)
Appendix VI. Methods for Performing Subjective Global Assessment
Appendix VII. Methods for Performing Anthropometry and Calculating Body Measurements and Reference Tables
Appendix VIII. Serum Transferrin and Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis
Appendix IX. Estimation of Glomerular Filtration Rate
Appendix X. Potential Uses for L-Carnitine in Maintenance Dialysis Patients

D. References (Adult Guidelines)

E. Index of Equations and Tables (Adult Guidelines)


A. Guidelines

Guideline 1. Patient Evaluation of Protein-Energy Nutritional Status
Guideline 2. Management of Acid-Base Status
Guideline 3. Urea Kinetic Modeling
Guideline 4. Interval Measurements
Guideline 5. Energy Intake for Children Treated With Maintenance Dialysis
Guideline 6. Protein Intake for Children Treated With Maintenance Dialysis
Guideline 7. Vitamin and Mineral Requirements
Guideline 8. Nutrition Management
Guideline 9. Nutritional Supplementation for Children Treated With Maintenance Dialysis
Guideline 10. Recommendations for the Use of Recombinant Human Growth Hormone (hGH) for Children Treated With Maintenance Dialysis

B. Appendix (Pediatric Guidelines)

Appendix I. Procedures for Measuring Growth Parameters

C. References (Pediatric Guidelines)

D. Index of Equations and Tables (Pediatric Guidelines)

III. Biographical Sketches of the Work Group Members

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