2012 Annual Report

Message from our Leaders

L to R: NKF Chairman Ed Walter, NKF President Dr. Lynda Szczech, NKF CEO Bruce Skyer

At year's end, it's only natural to look back and take stock of where we've been before we look ahead to where we're headed in the coming year. NKF began this year under very difficult circumstances due to the economic recession and loss of longstanding, ongoing revenue sources. To meet those challenges, we took a number of steps including diversifying revenue, reducing expenses and integrating local divisions into "One NKF."

And today, we are thrilled to report that all the steps we took and all the plans we made were successful by any measure. The National Kidney Foundation had a banner year during which we generated an unrestricted surplus of $4 million, we served more than three million patients, families and people at risk across the country and are moving forward to a bright future.

Working collaboratively with our headquarters and field staff, national and local boards and key volunteers, NKF has developed a new strategic plan outlining priorities that are both impactful and financially sustainable. Patients and their needs continue to be the core of what NKF has done, is doing and will continue to do. We've committed to fighting the challenge of kidney disease through Awareness, Prevention and Treatment. We're working to ramp up our communications efforts so that the millions who are unaware but need to know they're at risk will have a chance to find out before it's too late.

Through our health screenings all over the country, comprehensive website and online communities, the NKF is leading the effort to prevent kidney disease. Launched this year, our PEERS mentoring program offers support and prevention strategies from experienced patients to those who are newly-diagnosed. The NKF Cares hotline, manned by trained professionals, is providing thousands each month the opportunity to learn about their condition as well as proper nutrition and healthy lifestyle choices that will help prevent kidney damage.

While continuing our longstanding tradition of excellence in education for the nephrology professional community, we're putting our resources behind education of the primary care practitioner-those who can identify, diagnose and care for people with early stage kidney disease.

This year, we organized our local offices into nine regions. Collaborative teamwork and communication are enhancing our services and bringing the best programs to our patients while we continue to develop our outreach, management and fundraising capabilities.

In order to diversify and add to our revenue base, we have created an individual and major gifts program that is enabling us to reach out to potential supporters in new ways that will benefit NKF.

This year represented a new beginning for NKF. We assessed what we do well, what's most needed and where we can have the greatest impact on the lives and health of our constituents. And NKF put a plan in place that will capitalize on our strengths and raise the revenue needed to deliver meaningful programs that reach the greatest number of people at risk for kidney disease. With the groundwork in place, we look forward to building on our successes in 2013.

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26 Million
Americans have chronic kidney disease (CKD)

Twenty-six million Americans have chronic kidney disease (CKD), and millions more are at risk, but most don't know it. CKD often develops slowly with few symptoms, and many people don't realize they're sick until the disease is advanced and requires dialysis or a transplant. But kidney disease doesn't have to be the ninth leading cause of death in the U.S. The NKF remains dedicated to spreading the word about kidney disease and its risk factors, the importance of early detection and the need for organ donation.

This year, the NKF teamed up with several celebrity spokespeople to raise kidney disease awareness. Award- winning actor, comedian and host of NBC-TV's top rated America's Got Talent, Nick Cannon, lifestyle maven B. Smith, and former major league baseball player David Eckstein all stepped forward.

During National Kidney Month in March, Nick Cannon told his personal kidney disease story and urged Americans to get tested on national TV, including Good Morning America. B. Smith participated in a Healthy Recipe Makeover Contest and free NKF screening at Grand Central Terminal in New York City, appearing on Good Day New York onsite. Publications from USA Today to Ebony magazine ran stories highlighting NKF's free kidney screening and awareness events. "Dear Abby" published a letter urging readers to participate in NKF's free kidney screenings across the country throughout the in her nationally syndicated advice column, which reaches over 110 million readers.

Nick Cannon continued his partnership with the NKF as host of the Kidney Walk. He appeared on national television programs such as The View, Access Hollywood, Rachael Ray, and Larry King Now to highlight kidney disease and its risk factors. David Eckstein also told his story at the Major League Baseball Fan Cave and the interview was posted on MLB.com, reaching thousands of fans.

Growing Online Communities

4.5 million
Visits to www.kidney.org
2.3 million
A to Z Health Guide page views

The NKF's comprehensive website, kidney.org includes timely articles on kidney disease prevention, the latest health news, kidney-friendly recipes, treatment options and important information on organ donation and transplantation. The A to Z Health Guide continues to be a popular feature attracting millions per month.

NKF's "Ask the Doctor" blog offers web visitors the opportunity to ask any kidney-related question and receive an answer online within 48 hours from NKF spokesperson Dr. Leslie Spry. Dr. Spry has answered more than 3,000 questions and the blog has had more than 155,000 page views. Dr. Spry also writes a monthly column about kidney health for the Huffington Post, which reaches millions of people nationally.

Facebook Fans
Twitter Followers
YouTube Video Views

2012 saw an increase in our online communities, utilizing social media platforms to create awareness and share information. Our Facebook fans post messages, offer advice, and share links and tools provided by the NKF. Twitter followers rely on NKF for health news, and our YouTube channel contains cooking segments, health advice, personal stories and Foundation news.

NKF distributes a monthly e-newsletter, "Love Your Kidneys," that includes health advice, new recipes and research, to 140,000 subscribers. We also publish a quarterly e-newsletter, "Keep Healthy," which focuses on risk factors for kidney disease and contains prevention tips to maintain a healthy lifestyle. It currently has more than 12,000 subscribers.

"The kidneys filter out toxins in the blood, acting as the body's purifier, but unless they stop working, people pay no attention. The fact is there are 26 million Americans with kidney disease and most don't know it. One in three people in this country are at risk because of high blood pressure and diabetes-the two leading causes. So none of us can afford to ignore this anymore. I'm working with the NKF to help get the word out about screening and the importance of healthy lifestyle in preventing kidney disease. I had very unhealthy eating habits but I now know that eating low fat, low sodium and low sugar diets and keeping blood pressure and blood sugar under control can prevent kidney damage". Nick Cannon, award-winning actor, comedian, and host of America's Got Talent

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The concerns of kidney patients as well as those at risk were heard in the halls of Congress this year, due to the National Kidney Foundation's efforts. NKF requested continued support for the Chronic Kidney Disease Program at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), an initiative designed to provide public health strategies for promoting kidney health. And the process was set in motion. At year's end, CDC launched a web site (www.cdc.gov/ckd) providing comprehensive data on kidney disease in the U.S.

On the transplant front, NKF continued to lead the community's effort to enact legislation to extend Medicare coverage of immunosuppressive drugs for kidney transplant recipients. In honor of World Kidney Day in March, 20 NKF patient advocates shared their stories as they met with Congressional staff and the result was numerous cosponsors of the Immunosuppressive Drug Coverage Act. As of November 2012, more than 120 House Representatives had cosponsored H.R. 2969 and 21 Senators were cosponsors of the companion bill, S. 1454.

NKF joined other kidney groups on the Steering Committee of the first annual Home Dialysis Summit that brought more than 50 stakeholders together for a one-day conference to discuss opportunities and barriers to the utilization of home dialysis therapy. We continue to serve as a member of the Home Dialysis Alliance that was formed to build support for the Summit's various recommendations.

To ensure that important medications get reviewed and approved in a timely manner and that medical devices for kidney patients are safe, NKF maintains a seat on the Board of Directors of the Alliance for a Stronger FDA. The Alliance consists of nearly 200 members, including consumer, patient, and research advocacy organizations; associations representing health professions and industry; and individual companies. Its sole focus is to build support for additional FDA funding through the annual congressional appropriations process.

"When you're passionate about a cause, you're always successful in your efforts. You never know who you will impact by sharing your story. As a health care professional and kidney donor for my dad, it was so important to me to be part of NKF's efforts on Capitol Hill. Sharing my story as I helped advocate for legislation to extend coverage for immunosuppressive drugs will hopefully help make a difference in the lives of kidney patients everywhere." Gina Ferguson, kidney donor

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early detection

"Before KEEP, I didn't know that high blood pressure, which runs in my family, was a leading risk factor for kidney disease. I'm constantly chasing after my grandchildren, and in order to watch them grow up, I'm determined to preserve my kidney function. And so, I've made some important lifestyle changes-daily exercise and cutting back on salt, sweets and fast food. I am so grateful that the KEEP screening alerted me to the silent toll high blood pressure was taking on my kidneys and ways to prevent further damage." Jeff Carter, NKF kidney screening participant

The National Kidney Foundation (NKF) conducts free, community-based kidney health screenings to reach those at the greatest risk for developing kidney disease with the goal of detecting damage early on and preventing further loss of kidney function. In 2012, more than 15,000 people at risk for kidney disease participated in our screening programs.

Our research shows that people who participate in these programs tend to adopt healthy and life-saving behaviors as a result. For example, after participating in KEEP, people who discovered kidney disease or other life-threatening conditions, such as diabetes, high blood pressure or cardiovascular disease, were more likely to pay a visit to their doctors. Additionally, these participants were more likely to make lifestyle changes such as regularly monitoring blood pressure and blood sugar levels, taking prescription medications and adopting healthier diets.

Kidney Early Evaluation Program (KEEP)

NKF's KEEP screening evaluates kidney function and includes blood and urine tests as well as blood pressure and body mass index. Those screened also receive a personalized consultation with a health care professional, during which they can review results and discuss health concerns. KEEP screenings are held coast-to-coast and anyone with risk factors — diabetes, high blood pressure or a family history of these conditions or kidney disease-is eligible to attend.

More than
people at risk have been screened
of those screened discovered they had kidney disease
were previously aware of their diagnosis

Kidney Health Risk Assessment (KHRA)

NKF's KHRA screening focuses on increasing kidney health awareness while at the same time evaluating participants' risk for developing kidney disease. This program is held in public settings, such as health fairs, trade expos, transit hubs, state capitols and other well-trafficked spaces, in order to reach a wide audience. KHRA screenings identify those at greatest risk through blood pressure and body mass index (BMI) measurements, as well as the completion of a brief questionnaire. Each at-risk attendee is also eligible to meet with an advanced health practitioner who evaluates kidney risk based on test results and health history. Those recognized as at-risk are also given educational resources, encouraged to follow up with their physicians and invited to attend the more comprehensive KEEP screening.

Total Number of People NKF Screened for Kidney Disease

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The kidney patient is at the core of all of NKF's programs and this year NKF expanded educational and support services for tens of thousands who are affected by kidney disease, dialysis and transplantation.

NKF Cares Help Line

Our patient support Help Line. NKF Cares is staffed by trained professionals who help ease the path for patients on their kidney disease journey – those who have just embarked and those who have been facing this challenge for many years. Every day, they offer information on topics such as treatment options for kidney failure and managing a kidney-friendly diet, and also offer support to those preparing for transplant and those navigating complex insurance systems. In addition to counseling patients, they provide resources, educational materials and advocacy opportunities.

NKF Cares fielded nearly
in 2012

NKF's newest educational offering for the kidney community, Kidney Living, made its debut in 2012. Kidney Living is a free magazine for dialysis patients that features stories of people who are living well on dialysis, tips for coping with kidney disease, healthy eating suggestions and more. More than 10,000 people have already subscribed for home delivery.

More than
issues of Kidney Living distributed

The NKF's Peers Lending Supportprogram matches trained kidney patients with newly-diagnosed individuals. Peer mentors serve as positive role models by sharing first-hand knowledge, experience, hope and inspiration. Peer support is highly effective in helping kidney patients adjust to dialysis and in alleviating fears relating to kidney disease and transplantation. Studies have also shown that peer programs can decrease symptoms of depression and social isolation and improve self-esteem.

Gina Corona

"I had just been diagnosed with CKD stage 3, but I got conflicting information about my condition. I needed someone to talk to. My NKF PEERS mentor understood how I was feeling after my doctor visit, was able to answer all my questions, and let me share what I was experiencing. She gave me a different point of view — a positive one that helped me make changes in my life to slow the progression of my kidney disease." Gina Corona, kidney patient

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This year, NKF offered an array of new educational opportunities for healthcare professionals to learn about the latest advancements in the detection and treatment of kidney disease.

The NKF has earned Accreditation with Commendation from the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (ACCME). This achievement grants the NKF a 6-year accreditation term and places the foundation in the highest tier of all Continuing Medical Education (CME) providers, including the nation's most prestigious medical schools and professional medical societies.

NKF Spring Clinical Meetings

The premier NKF CME offering is the annual NKF Spring Clinical Meetings, which once again provided an opportunity for busy healthcare providers to learn new developments related to all aspects of nephrology. As part of NKF's initiative to reach Primary Care Providers, the Meetings marked the launch of a PCP-specific half-day symposium.

at NKF Spring Clinical Meetings
Research posters presented
Professional Education Professional Education

"The meeting was a great opportunity to discuss our findings with a variety of healthcare professionals and patients in the ESRD community and beyond – the range of perspectives was great." Sarah Yi, PhD; SCM12 Poster Presentation Award Winner

Additionally, NKF offered CME/CE courses, reaching healthcare professionals around the world, across all disciplines. This year, NKF introduced the "Virtual Patient" and "confidence based learning" methodologies for CME/CE programs which enable the learner to self-assess their knowledge and skills in a "safe" setting, practice clinical decision-making specific to complex patients similar to what they would see in actual practice, learn where their assumptions and practices may not be aligned with guidelines and best practice, and overcome barriers to changing practice in developing the most effective clinical action/treatment plan for a patient.

NKF offered
CME/CE courses
NKF CME/CE reached more than
healthcare professionals around the world, across all disciplines

NKF also launched three new smartphone medical apps, Glomerular Filtration Rate (GFR) calculator and screening/treatment algorithms for albuminuria and cardiovascular disease, to help healthcare professionals overcome the barriers associated with lack of knowledge and/or time to research appropriate assessment algorithms or treatment options; this information can now be referenced easily in the clinical setting.

Mobile app installs

Peer-reviewed Journals

NKF's well-respected, peer-reviewed journals, American Journal of Kidney Diseases (AJKD), Advances in Chronic Kidney Disease (ACKD), Journal of Renal Nutrition (JRN), and Journal of Nephrology Social Work (JNSW), provided the latest findings and research related to kidney disease.

Reached close to
healthcare professionals
Journals average
web visitors per year

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The National Kidney Foundation's research activities are helping advance knowledge about chronic kidney disease, treatment and patient outcomes. NKF's three major initiatives include: the Kidney Early Evaluation Program (KEEP), the Awareness, Detection and Drug Therapy in Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus and Chronic Kidney Disease Study (ADD-CKD) and the Chronic Kidney Disease Prognosis Consortium.

NKF's signature early detection screening program, the Kidney Early Evaluation Program (KEEP®), offers free screenings in cities around the country to anyone at risk for kidney disease--those with high blood pressure, diabetes or a family history of kidney failure. It is the nation's largest and most successful chronic disease screening program and has touched the lives of nearly a quarter of a million Americans since its inception. KEEP screens kidney function through a variety of tests, including blood, blood pressure and urine.

Everyone screened is entered into the KEEP database of over 180,000 at- risk individuals and test results are studied and analyzed to help doctors find ways to improve outcomes and better treat kidney disease in specific populations.

"KEEP has contributed greatly to the advancement of our knowledge concerning chronic kidney disease among Americans. Since the methods of KEEP touch obesity, diabetes, hypertension, kidney, and heart disease, this program is improving the health and awareness of individuals at risk for these common medical problems."Dr. Peter McCullough, Chairman of the KEEP Steering Committee

KEEP is studying the medical samples of participants to search for markers of chronic diseases that will ultimately lead to the development of new tests and therapies for kidney disease. KEEP is also linking its data with other national databases such as the United States Renal Data System (USRDS) to allow for more research on how best to provide care for individuals with kidney disease.

Diabetes is the leading cause of kidney disease, yet recent studies have found that only half of primary care doctors discuss chronic kidney disease with their diabetic patients. In an effort to estimate the prevalence of chronic kidney disease in adults with type 2 diabetes and examine their care, the National Kidney Foundation launched a multi-site cross-sectional study, Awareness, Detection and Drug Therapy in Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus and Chronic Kidney Disease (ADD-CKD). This research is assessing how chronic kidney disease is being identified and managed in type II diabetic patients, in the primary care setting, using a survey of 10,000 adult patients and their 500 primary care physicians. Results are showing that only 12% of diabetics with kidney disease are being identified by their primary care doctors.

"Primary care physicians are the first line of defense against one of the world's top killers. The goal of this study is to increase the awareness and management of chronic kidney disease in diabetic patients and NKF will work very closely with this group to spread the word". Lynda Szczech, MD, MSCE, President of the National Kidney Foundation

Using the contributions of leading investigators from 45 studies, this NKF-funded project is creating and analyzing the world's largest dataset about patient outcomes at all stages of chronic kidney disease.

joe coresh

"Chronic kidney disease is a spectrum disease and at each stage, people experience different complications — from stroke and hypertension to infections and acute kidney disease. This research will examine how these complications impact a patient's prognosis at each stage." Dr. Josef Coresh of Johns Hopkins University, one of the project's leaders.

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Kidney Walks

Kidney Walks are held coast-to-coast year-round to raise funds and awareness about kidney disease and the vital need for organ donors. Communities rally together to take lifesaving steps on behalf of the 26 million Americans living with kidney disease.

Americans receiving treatment
for kidney failure
await kidney transplants
kidney walk

Galas & Special Events

Signature galas and events are hosted by NKF across the country throughout the year. Whether it's a night of dinner, dancing and special guests at a black-tie Kidney Ball, a sampling of culinary specialties whipped up by premier chefs at a Great Chefs gala or a Casino Night, Chili Cook-Off or Golf Classic Tournament, the goal is the same. Funds raised through NKF events support ongoing initiatives in awareness, prevention and treatment for the tens of millions affected by kidney disease.

close to
$3.5 million
raised from special events and galas

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Leadership Team

The National Kidney Foundation thanks the individuals listed below for serving NKF with distinction as members of our Board of Directors in 2012.

Jerome Bill Aiken
Coldwell Banker Burnet
Minneapolis, MN

George L. Bakris, MD
Professor of Medicine
University of Chicago Pritzker School of Medicine
Chicago, IL

R. D. Todd Baur
Conway Investment Research, LLC
St. Louis, MO

Bryan N. Becker, MD
Senior Associate Dean for Clinical Affairs
University of Illinois-Chicago
Chicago, IL

A. Bruce Bowden, Esq.
Leech Tishman
Pittsburgh, PA

Derek E. Bruce, Esq.
Edge Public Affairs
Orlando, FL

James G. Carlson
President & CEO
Amerigroup Corporation
Virginia Beach, VA

Paul Crawford, MD
Nephrology/Internal Medicine Specialist
Evergreen Park, IL

Jane S. Davis, CRNP
University of Alabama at Birmingham
Department of Medicine, Division of Nephrology
Birmingham, AL

Brian Dilsheimer
Dilsheimer Communities, LLC
Bala Cynwyd, PA

Tom Hough
Executive Vice President
Chief Financial Officer
Lucchese Inc.
Plano, TX

Jay Justice
Chief People Officer
Hospital Sisters Health System
Springfield, IL

Kevin Longino
Greenwich, CT

Thomas P. McDonough
Great Falls, VA

Stephen Pastan, MD
Emory Transplant Center
Atlanta, GA

Art Pasquarella, CRE
Executive Vice President
Chief Operating Officer
BPG Properties, Ltd.
Philadelphia, PA

Michael W. Sexton
Piedmont Bushings & Insulators, LLC
Spartanburg, SC

Bruce Skyer
Chief Executive Officer
National Kidney Foundation
New York, NY

Michael Watts
Chief Operating Officer
Wasserman Media Group
Los Angeles, CA


Ken Howard
Los Angeles, CA

Ed Walter
NKF Chairman
President & CEO, Host Hotels & Resorts
Bethesda, MD

Gregory W. Scott
NKF Chairman Elect
APS Healthcare
Newport Beach, CA

Beth Piraino, MD
NKF President
Professor of Medicine
Associate Dean of Admissions and Financial Aid
University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine
Pittsburgh, PA

Lynda A. Szczech, MD, MSCE
NKF Immediate Past President
Medical Director, Pharmacovigilance
Pharmaceutical Product Development, LLC
Durham, NC

William G. Dessoffy, CFA
NKF Secretary
Regional Managing Director
First Republic Bank
New York, NY

Bruce Skyer
Chief Executive Officer

Joseph Vassalotti, MD
Chief Medical Officer

JoAnn Vecchione
Senior Vice President for Organizational Resources

Kerry Willis, PhD
Senior Vice President for Health Science and Education

Anthony Gucciardo
Senior Vice President for Program Development & Innovation

Petros Gregoriou, CPA
Vice President for Finance

Eric Albrecht
Vice President for Events Development & Sports Marketing

Troy Zimmerman
Vice President for Government Relations

Ellie Schlam
Vice President for Communications

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Figures below depict the combined financial activities of the National Kidney Foundation and its Affiliates for Fiscal Year 2012

Contributions $21,180,991 33.3%  
Program Service Fees $19,282,686 30.3%  
Special Events (Net) $15,963,228 25.1%  
Government Grants $3,563,089 5.6%  
Membership Dues $728,258 1.1%  
All Other Income $2,886,174 4.6%  
Total Income $63,604,426 100.0%  
Professional Education $14,443,233 23.4%  
Community Services $10,121,434 16.4%  
Public Health Education $9,831,283 15.9%  
Research $8,208,809 13.4%  
Patient Services $7,609,245 12.3%  
Fund Raising $6,274,732 10.2%  
Management & General $5,153,672 8.4%  
Total Expenses $61,642,408 100.0%  


Cash and Cash Equivalents $10,934,600
Investments $23,883,629
Accounts Receivable $5,128,387
Inventories of Educational & Campaign Materials $192,962
Prepaid Expenses $699,516
Fixed Assets, at cost $8,025,339
Less Accumulated Depreciation ($4,938,034)
Fixed Assets, (Net) $3,087,305
Other Assets $639,637
Total Assets $44,566,036
Loans Payable $1 ,577,122
Accounts Payable & Accrued Expenses $8,813,497
Deferred Income $5,038,197
Other Liabilities $7,609,245
Total Liabilities $15,462,491
Unrestricted $15,032,439
Temporarily Restricted $11,069,967
Permanently Restricted $2,860,886
Total Net Assets $29,103,545
Total Liabilities and Net Assets $44,566,036
View our full financial report

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Corporate Supporters

The National Kidney Foundation thanks the corporations whose generosity helps us to continue to provide public and professional education, conduct kidney health screenings for those at risk, support and advocate for kidney patients and their families, and promote organ donation. The following organizations contributed $10,000 or more to support NKF programs and services in 2012. For additional information please contact us.

$1,000,000 +
Bohringer-Ingelheim USA Commonwealth of PA – CRDP Elsevier Inc
$500,000 – $999,000
Abbott Laboratories Affymax, Inc.
Amgen Merck
$250,000 - $499,000
Community Thrift Store General Motors Corporation Genzyme
National Kidney Services, Inc Takeda Pharmas North America United Way
$100,000 - $249,000
Amerigroup Charitable Foundation Astellas Pharmas Cranberry Marketing Committee Donnelly Mechanical Corp
Embassy of the United Arab Emirates Genentech, Inc HM Life Insurance Company JC Penney Corporation
Novartis Otsuka America Pharma, Inc Pfizer Pharmas, Inc. Questcor
Reata Pharmas, Inc Sanofi Vifor International, Inc.  
$50,000 - $99,000
American Access Care Charity Supply, Inc. Community Health Charities of California DaVita
First National Bank Fresenius Grandstand Sports & Memorabilia, Inc. Healthcare Research, Inc
KidneyTexas, Inc Nephroceuticals    
$10,000 – $49,000
A&E Networks Accenture LLP Alexion Pharmas, Inc Ally Financial
American Resort Development Association (ARDA) Atlas-Acon Electric Service Corp Avera McKennan Hospital Bank of America
Bank of New York Mellon Basic Energy Services Baylor Health Care System Bechtel Energy Corp
Bedford Falls Foundation Bell, Falla & Associates, LLC Bendix Commercial Vehicle Systems, LLC Bert Smith & Co.
Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center BPG Properties, LTD Bristol-Myers Squibb Caesars Foundation
Calgon Carbon Corporation Camp Construction Services Capital Eagle, Inc. CGI-US
Chemocentryx, Inc. Clark-Reliance Corporation Clear Channel Management Services – Radio CM&D
CMGRP, Inc Covidien Crozer Chester Medical Center Crystal Trust
DCI DFW Management Corporation Dialysis Clinic, Inc. Columbus Discovery Shared Services
Duke Corporate Accounts Payable East River Medical Imaging Eli Lilly Emerson
Epstein, Becker & Green, P.C. Express Scripts Fox Broadcasting Company Gambro
Greenville Hospital System University Medical Center Group Mindshare USA LLC Hall Contracting of Kentucky Hemosphere, Inc
Hennepin County Medical Center Highmark Host Hotels & Resorts, LP IBM
IM&T Center Texas Intelligent Decisions Ion Media Networks Iroko Pharmas, LLC Navy Yard Corporate Center
Jefferson University John Carris Investments, LLC Ketchum, Inc Kiawah Resort Associates, LP
Kiewit Companies Foundation KPMG LLP Laboratory Corp of America Holdings Leupold & Stevens, Inc
LG&E and KU Capital Corp Loughran & Corbett, Attorneys, Inc Marriott International, Inc. MDC Partners
Meditech Medtronic Foundation Met Life Insurance Company of Connecticut Metrolina Nephrology Associates, PA
Microsoft MLB Mount Sinai Hospital Mount Sinai School of Medicine
Musculoskeletal Transplant Foundation Multiview, Inc N G Enterprises NBC Universal Media, LLC
NBC Universal Cable Entertainment Nephrology Associates of Kentuckiana Nes Associates, LLC New York Presbyterian Hospital
Nichols Media NxStage Medical, Inc OMDUSA, LLC Omnicom Media Group Oregon Community Foundation
Partners HealthCare System Permian Transport and Trading Pioneer Foundation Pittsburgh Foundation
Pittsburgh Penguins Foundation Prairie Lakes Healthcare System Renal Solutions Research Foundation of SUNY
Rice Memorial Hospital – Willmar Rite Aid Foundation S&A Event Services Safeway
Sanford Health Sandord Medical Center Fargo Sarris Candies Inc Satellite Healthcare Inc
Source Rock Minerals LP Starcom Mediavest Group Sun Pharma SurgiCare of Manhattan
Teva Pharmas Thomson Reuters Total Renal Care, Inc. A subsidiary of DaVita Truist
Turner Broadcasting System, Inc University of Rochester, Office of Research Accounting UPMC Health System - Presbyterian Virginia Eastern Star Philanthropic ACC
Wawa Weight Watchers International Wheeling Renal Care Willia Auto Campus
Yale New Haven Hospital Zoom Media Corp.    

Individual Donors

The National Kidney Foundation is grateful for the support of thousands of individuals across the country who made generous contributions in 2012 to support our programs, services and initiatives on behalf of kidney patients and their families. We are grateful for their generous support.

$50,000 +
Figgie Family Foundation Arthur Pasquarella Ronald & Joy Paul Gregory Scott Ed & Carole Walter
$10,000 - $49,999
Charles Anderson Harold Anderson Joel Anderson Terry & Susan Anderson Family Foundation
William Cella Dart Group II Foundation, Inc. Crystal Family Foundation David M. Crowley Foundation
William & Martin Dessoffy Zea Dingels Evelyn Elliott Damian Eonta
Frank J. Antun Foundation Frank M. Ewing Foundation Stephen A. & Diana L. Goldberg Foundation Guller Foundation
Larry Hagman Harold Simmons Foundation Diane & Michael Haughton Hickman Flora Paxton Foundation
William & Kerry Holekamp Benjamin Inker Issa Family Foundation Kenneth L. & Eva S. Smith Foundation
Kevin Longino Los Angeles Times Family Fund of the McCormick Foundation Stephen McDonnell Robert Nicoletti
Terri Phillips-Mierkey Paul & Dr. Beth Piraino Jon Praw Lynn Ryan
Linda Squires Walter Family Fund Michael & Tiffanee Watts Suzette Way
$1,000 - $4,999
Antar Abouzaki Paul Abraham Rod Adams Mary Adkins
Susan Affleck Linda Beth Aguilera Daud Ahmed James Allen
Jennifer Allen Gina Allison Josefina Alvarez Emilio Amendola
Kathy Ament Bonnie Ammer William Amoroso Jim Anderson
Joshua Anzaroot Mariko Aoki Robert & Judith Aptekar Grace Aquitania
Michael Atieh Jerry Awe Mildred Bacchiocchi Erica Bagwell
Stacey Baker George Bakris James Ballard Mariclare Ballard
Gerald Balonek Andrew Bank Suzanne Barnette Bill Barno
Aubre Barr David and Louise Barsness Mike Batchelder Carl Baughn
R. D. Todd Baur Bryan Becker Benjamin Bedford David Bell
Chris Bemis Jason Benda Alisa Berger Mark Bezos
John Birnhak John & Ruth Bitler Richard Blackburn Loren Blackford
Fionn Blevio Henry Blevio Stuart Bloch Joseph Blum
Ellen Blumberg Paul Blume Tim Bock Joseph Bombard
Abe Borenstein Anna Boutzalis Glenn Bowen Hope Bowers
David Boyd Kevin Boyle Michael Bradshaw Ida Braun
Robert Bray Daniel Brennan Linda Brown-Coleman Derek Bruce
Kim Bullano Sally Burant Brian & Becky Burcham Myra Burke
Christopher Burns Larry Burris John Burrows Michael Byars
Anne Cadwell Gil Caffray Gregory Cafua James Cain
Michael Caine Chris Camarda Manie Campbell Yvonne Cane
Larry Canfield Richard Capling John Capone Paula Carano
Cory Carlesimo James Carlson John Carlson Robert Carollo
Steve Carollo Eddie Cassin Charles Castiglione Jason Castillo
David Caudle Christopher Cavallaro James Cavanaugh Kenneth Chen
Peggy Cherry Yu Keung Chung Anthony Cino Clemmons Family
James Clenny Tracy Cogley Bernard Cohen Courtney Combe
Greg Conde Richard Connolly Shane Cooper Francis & Irene Corsaro
Jeffrey Cowhey Chris Cox Paul Crawford Freyan Crishna
William & Janet Cronk Katrina Cukaj James Culmo James Cunningham
John Curley Allan Curtis Joseph Czechowicz Isaac Dabah
Kim Daly Allan Davenport David M. Davis Hanley Daws
Edward DeBartolo Teresa Deboer Jeffrey DeCarlo Tracy DeCock
Pete Deeb Pamela Delehoy Terri Deleon William Delvac
Brenda Devine Barbara & Bob Dilsheimer Joseph Dimauro DM DiLella Family
Donna Doherty Steven Doherty Daniel Dominguez Troy Dorner
Scott & Candace Dorsten Thomas Doyle Steven Duenkler Michael Dumas
Leo Dumstorff Wesley Durkalski Susan & David Edelstein Thomas Egan
Bart Eisner Barbara Elia Jennifer Elia Anna Emery
Sukru Emre Brian Essner Robert Eubanks Seth Evans
Chris Fagan Frances Falt Arde Farid John Fassler
Dennis Faulkenberg Anthony Favia Cheryl Fearing Dana Feldman
Michael Ferguson Nancy Fiame Julio E Figueroa Gary Filizetti
Barry & Pamela Fingerhut Randy & Joan Fink Sheila FitzPatrick Ellen Flanagan
Lawrence Flinn Robert Fox Deniz Franke Cass Franklin
David Frauenshuh Peter Frohwein Rick Froio James Fuhrman
Cynthia Gage Barbara Gales Brandon Gandy Mitchell Gandy
Jeremiah Garvey Alexander Gaudio Janice Gelfand Domenic Giglio
John Gilbert George Gipson Timothy Gleason Shannon Glynn
Philip Gold Jeffrey Goldenberg Janice Goltare Harvey Goodman
Darwin Goodsell Andrew & Nancy Gordon W.l. Gore Lynda Graham
Jane Graiser Molly Grazzini Melanie Greathouse Michael & Sheryl Greenberg
Jolynn Grimes Keith & Cindi Guller Anne Guy Elizabeth Guy
Lynn Hackney Eddie Hagerty Samuel Harrell Edward Harriman
Larry Harris Leon Harris Jack Hartog Carabae Hasson
Hugh Haydon John Healy D.R. Hebert Matt Heise
Mary Henderson Amaly Hensley Dennis Hensley Catherine Herridge
Joshua Higdon Mark & Kari Hill Kasey Hillin Amy Hinger
Ronald Hirschel James Hixon Tyler Hofinga Robert Holm
Ronald Horne Pamela Hoston Thomas Hough Madeline Hughes
David Hull John Imbriale Sue Immerman Gail Inderwies
Beth Irick Dwayne Irick Michael Irvine Aaron Irwin
Fred Isaf Don Jacobs Donald Jacobs Wit Jamry
Mike Johnson Melanie & Tyler Johnston Kelleanne Jones David C. Jory
Jay Justice Ron Kaczor Stephen Kahn Peter Kalikow
Stuart Katchis Brian Katz Brett Kaufman Chip Keeling
Robert Keels Evelyn Kehtel Richard Kelly Jacqueline Kinloch
Kevin & Julianna Kirk Kendall Kliewer Gregory Knolhoff Kenneth Koenig
Stuart Koenig Ronald Kordick Donald J. Krasowski William Kremer
Charles Lambert Cecelia Lance David Lane Jodi Lang
Keith Langham Elizabeth Langille Laura Langsdorf Mark Laraia
Rebecca & John Larkin Chuck Larson David Larson Barbara & Tom Leanse
Steve Lederman James Lee Steven & Clarissa Lefkowitz Thomas Lehner
Edward Lettieri Alan Levin Mindy Levine William Lewis
Bruce Lippmann James Longino Joan Lustig John MacMillan
Dennis Maddi Kaleigh Maher Pius Manavalan Dino Mangione
Dean Mann James Maran Stephen Marotta Lorri Marquez
Mark Matson David Matusz Wade Maugans Steve Maupin
Kelly Mazur John McCabe John McCarrick Shannon McCullough
Tom & Sharon McCullough Thomas McDonough John McGarry Rita McGill
Michael McKeigue Richard McKinless Princeton McNeley Tina Melanson
Anibal Melo Kip Merck Brad Meyer Carroll Miller
Chad Miller George Mitchell Ingrid Montecino Kathleen Moore
Tina Morales-Eldridge Alli Morgan Louis Motyka Michael Moustakakis
Laura Mulloy Steven Mungo William Murphy Jennifer Murray
Tessa Nash Howard Nathan Marc New Brian Newton
Mark Nicoletti David Niemann Eric Nusbaum Jane & Jim O'Connor
Michael O'Grady Ed Oleksiak Mark Olsen Joseph Onomastico
Marty Ordman Margaret Orman Amy Orton Michael Ossip
Cathy Panopoulos Val Pasquarella Stephen Pasten Cecil Patrick
Caron Pegram Stephen Perales Oskar Peralta Alan Perlowitz
Kenneth Perotta Felix Pesa Thomas Pesa Robert Peterson
Terri Phillips Robert Pieper Claudio Pincus M. Kate Pitcairn
Shirlie Plummer-joseph Thomas Pohlman Donovan & Barbara Polack Rachael Ponge
Mike Prainito Scott Price Chuck Pridham James Prince
Tate Profilet David Pryor Lucille Puncer Nancy Rainey
Gary Rathburn Bruce Ratner Sanford Reikes Eamonn Reilly
Julie Reilly Phil Renault Christopher Riegler Anthony Rizzo
Brian Robison Jose Rodriguez Adam Ross John Ross
Matthew Rowe Jack Rubin Michael Rubin Michael Ruggiero
Darrin Russell Matt Russell Aslynn Rust Dennis & Marie Ruth
Joan Ruvane Chris Ryan Sylvester Ryan Joel Saal
Brian Sabine Lou Sack Lucy Sanna Tiziano & Janine Sartori
Lynn Schadle Philip Schimmel Brad Schlagel Charles Schleifer
Sande Schlumberger Charles Schmidt Rick Schmidt Dorothy Schneider
Anne & Jeff Schofield Thomas Schubert Jayme Schumer Kimberly Schwabe
Mari Scotch John Scotti David Seifert Michael Sexton
Niraj Shah Shilpa Shakarpurl James Short Bruce Silverman
Nicole Simmons Cary Simon Alan Simpson Kim Sinarski
Mike Singer William Singleton Carl Singmaster Michael & Miriam Sirota
Scott Slate Bill Slattery Dean Smith Jesse Smith
Joe Smith Leslie Smith Michael & Susan Smith Susie Soares Phillips
Amy Solmos-Wayne Eric Sorengen Mark Spier Stewart Spradlin
Wendy St. Peter Tony Stadler Les Stallings Robert Stanley
Martin Starr Virginia Steppe Eric Stern Michael Stevenson
Bart Stewart Andrew Stone Arthur Strackhouse Melissa Sutherland
Paul Svigals Dennis & Katharine Swanson Delia Swigart Timothy Sypko
Prayus Tailor Patsy Taliaferro Shirley Tartak Gregory Taylor
Judith Taylor Thav Thambi-Pillai Greg Thompson Kimberly Tiburzi
Rachel Torgueman Buwon Tran Drew Trivisonno Robert Tudor
Joyce Turley-Nicholas Timothy Tyler Gregory Tymchak Christian & Rebecca Urciuoli
Sally Van Doren Michael & Juli Van Hook Nina Vasavada Laura Vele-Capossela
John Vellone Ernie Verrecchio Adolfo Villar Rodney Vucenich
Todd Vucenich James & Audrey Waggoner Matt Wagner Michael Walker
M. Bradley Wallace Carl Walsh Ellen Walsh William Ward
Bonita Warner David Warnock Rodney Wasserstrom Rich Watson
Alex Wayman James Wayman William Webster Dennis & Alyson Weinberg
Lon Weiner Michael & Shari Weiner Mickey Weinstein Robert & Susan Weis
David Wermuth Pamela Wesley Sheretta West Patrick Wethington
Merle White Suzanne Whitlock Dean & Shannon Wickel Christine Wigert
Shelby Wiggins Barbara Wikoren Robert Wild Steve Wilhite
Dave Wilson Don Wilson Mary Ellen Wilson Susan Wilson
George Winterling Janne Wissel Jeffrey Wolfer Helen Yan
Lynne Yao Ning Yao Merele Yarborough Jason Yardi
Travis Yelton Eddie Yongo Gary York Ellen Yoshiuchi
Jeremy Yospin Peter Youmans Dan Young Donald Yowell
Melvin Yudis Robert Zakian Lee & Peggy Zeigler Barry Zeller
Nicolas Zerbib Charlotte Zureick

We thank all of those who contributed to the NKF this year. If we inadvertently omitted one of our generous supporters, kindly contact us and we will correct the error.

Gifts from Trusts and Estates

Contributions of $10,000 or above from trusts and estates are listed below.

Bette Pauline Williams Revocable Trust Carrington Burgess Trust Catherine H. Setar Trust Daniel R. Cady Trust
Elizabeth M. Best Revocable Trust Estate of Alvin Kay Estate of Barbara G. Bargar Living Trust Estate of Clara Butz
Estate of Cleo T. McMaster Estate of David L. Dewar Estate of Deborah M. Lewis Estate of Dorothy Johnson
Estate of Glenn E. Kelly Trust Estate of JoAnne McMullin Estate of Leonard & Lois Fryer Estate of Mable L. Pletcher
Estate of Margaret Welsh Estate of Nancy Harknes Estate of Patricia D. Sprow Estate of Robert & Emily Cohen
Estate of Robert H. Hanes Estate of William Vinson Marie Dike Trust Otto Alexander Trust The Ada J krieger Revocable Inter Vivos Trust
Vivian Phillips Charitable Trust

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