Kidney Living Voices

Winter 2014 Issue
New Year's Resolutions
What are your New Year’s resolutions this year for staying healthy while living on dialysis?
I plan on keeping my sister on the right path for her dialysis treatments. Make sure that she stays the path of a correct diet, excercise, and lots of laughter and love.
Posted by: June Mack
Diet specialists, nurses, and doctors constantly stress avoiding foods containing high levels of potassium or phosphorus. They promise painful affects to those who ignore their warnings. From experience I know the warnings are valid. However, foods with these chemicals are the best tasting: ice cream, chocolate, spaghetti sauce, potatoes, pizza, grilled cheese. Always avoiding these foods is a head first dive into depression. Of what value is dialysis if there is no happy food?
I plan to ignore the stern dietetic prohibitions on occasion to put some joy in the days of dialysis that grind down the soul. But moderation protects my modicum of joie de vie.
Posted by: John Gracy
I just purchased MY OWN "sterile" gauze pads to use at the dialysis center! The center started using a "band aid" type product, to which I had a negative reaction to; they told me they will only use what tagaderm pads they have left; however, they told me THEY WILL NOT supply the sterile gauze to be used under it-I WANT to live while receiving treatment, so I have taken this action to "perserve" my life! A patient needs to be their own advocate; if you don't speak up you get "lost" in the shuffle: I don't "play" cards!
Posted by: Dorothy A. Lugo
Since being on dialysis for nine years this January 2014, my New Year's resolution is an ongoing one. Which is
to maintain a healthy lifestyle, by continuing exercising and eating healthy. I have come to understand, in order to experience optimum wellness being a dialysis patient, one must follow guide lines pertaining to diet including fluid intake. The part a patient can control goes a long way. One last point, dialysis is not an end of life but a means to continue living well.
Posted by: debra bates
use ice for H2O measuring
Posted by: Jerry Bowling
In 2014, I plan to incorporate exercise into my routine. By working full time and doing in-center hemo, it leaves little time (or energy) to do anything else. However, it is an important routine to have for your overall health.
Posted by: Lorraine Pennick
I am 53 Yr. old, at the age of 3, the muscle between the bladder an the penis shut down. After being sliced from hip to hip, They removed my right testicle, over half of my right kidney, And about half my bladder. I was not able to control my bladder till I was 15 yrs. old. I truly hated school, Kids Have no mercy. I have Been in Dialysis For about 2 1\2 yrs.. After a couple good scares with High Phos. levels, My New Year Resolution Is DIET!!!, DIET!!!, DIET!!!. It is a MUST!!!. Thank You, to the staff at Liberty Dialysis for the support, an keeping me headed in the Direction!!!
Posted by: Dennis Hewitt
I will get in better shape. I will try better recipes. I will help and encourage someone else on dialysis to get or stay on the right track.I will have more fun with my family.
Posted by: Lisa Baxter
My New Year’s Resolutions this year for staying healthy while living on dialysis is keep staying positive and keep doing my daily routine to do whatever it takes to keep me healthy. I was born with a chronic kidney disease called the B.O.R. Syndrome. I had 2 transplants but both failed. I was peritoneal for 9 years after I lost my first transplant at age 5 then got my second transplant at age 15 then lost it 3 years later due to whooping cough. I've been on hemodialysis for 8 years. I could've gone back on peritoneal dialysis but I couldn't because my peritoneum got destroyed by pseudomonas. I'm 26 now and throughout my life, I learned that no matter how hard things get, don't lose hope because no matter how challenging life can be, the obstacles will get harder through your journey but you got to tell yourself mentally that nothing is impossible. Once you have that mind set, everything will seem easy as breathing air. That I promise and assure you.
Posted by: Matthew Myers
Continue my fitness by going to gym and doing cardio and weights. I also play tennis. Keeping a healthy diet in my routine is very important to
Posted by: James Schultz
I want to go to home hemo. In doing so I hope to avoid the fluctuations and be more available to my family.
Posted by: Kevin Sumner
To lose a lil weight and remain active on the transplant list. .
Posted by: Michelle Richardson
I started dialysis in July, 2013. I have had some problem with depression. I plan to keep busy with bowling, church work and friends and to eat healthy. Physically I feel better since going on dialysis but mentally it has been hard.
Posted by: Ruth Johnson
My New Years resolution for staying healthy while on dialysis is to exercise more and make better food choices. I could stand to be more active overall. I don't enjoy the gym. Walking on a treadmill or similar machine makes me feel like I am on a hamster wheel and I just can't get motivated. The other issue I have is after I do my daytime exchange (I'm on PD)I feel sluggish for a while. I am going to sign up with a friend for a dance class like Zumba and/or water aerobics. This way I will be accountable to someone. I can't disappoint a friend by not showing up. I'm excited for this year ahead!
Posted by: Angela Smith
To continue to eat the right foods to maintain all my counts! (protien,etc)
Posted by: Dolores Olsen
I will continue to stay on my renal diet and add new recipes that are healthy for me. I will exercise more.
Posted by: Harriet Prince
I plan to try to drink less liquid .
Posted by: Dorothy Hall
I am currently enjoying my third year of success on the weight watcher program having lost 135 pounds for transplant. For the new year I am planning to continue to stay healthy and strong by walking every day 30-45 minutes and to stay strong for myself, my family and those I love. Having kidney failure has taught me a lot about myself and what I need to do to stay healthy. I keep my eye on the prize and I know their is a "light" at the end of the tunnel. For those who think it's not possible.....IT IS!!! Just make a plan and DO IT!!!! Nothing is too hard to achieve in life if you just go out and grab that "gold ring!" Best wishes for a happy, HEALTHY and GREAT new year!!!
Posted by: Steve Freedman
To continue on home hemodialysis daily.
Posted by: William Brereton M.D.
When I am feeling rotten after a treatment, I listen to music. I love jazz and somehow it always brings me out of the dumps. I'm 87 but still go dancing twice a week.

Music, dancing and watching my fluid intake is keeping me alive.
Posted by: Charles Melmed