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"Your Treatment, Your Choice"

is a patient education program designed to satisfy Medicare's requirements for reimbursement of the MIPPA kidney education benefit.

Access free smartphone apps, speaker guides, clinical action plans, and much more.

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Primary Care Strategies for Kidney Disease

How many of your patients with diabetes, hypertension or cardiovascular disease have undiagnosed or early chronic kidney disease?

A new interactive CKD clinical action planner for the primary care health team to:

  • Generate a tailored care plan of evidence-based interventions based on CKD stage
  • Download complimentary, bilingual patient information to support your plan of care
  • Improve outcomes in your patients at risk for CKD or with early CKD
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Multidisciplinary Clinical Action Plan

Evaluate and Treat CKD

NKF's popular online Clinical Action Plans have been expanded into multidisciplinary patient care plans for nurses, dietitians, MDs, dialysis technicians and social workers.

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Vascular Dysfunction, Atherosclerosis, and Vascular Calcification: Insights and Implications in CKD